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Editor's Note: The University of Baguio deploys its Education students in schools and institutions in the country and abroad for its local and international on-the-job training program. In the following article, UB intern Raul shares his experience student teaching at the College of Asian Scholars (CAS) in Khon Kaen, Thailand, from April to May 2018. All photos courtesy of Raul.




 Raul and his students doing the University of Baguio "It's All Up Here" pose 



To be chosen among the aspiring student teachers who applied for this huge opportunity is a great privilege. I got to breathe in a different atmosphere and was able to experience teaching in an international level. It made me realize that great things never come from comfort zones.


During my deployment at CAS, I was able to experience the life of a teacher and the life of an office staff at the same time. I realized that I can be efficient and competent in both despite their big differences. Perhaps it’s because of the trainings that I’ve been through in and outside the four-walled classroom in UB. (I’ve known more about my capabilities at the UB Office of Student Affairs, where I spent more than four years working as a student assistant. In addition, the rigid practice teaching at the University of Baguio High School has had a massive impact especially on my personal development. Another is when I worked as an EFL (English as Foreign Language) teacher at the UB English Language Academy Network, which enabled me to witness a glimpse of the real world.) I believe that these trainings and experiences helped me a lot during my stay in Thailand.


CAS gave me teaching load on the subjects International Business English and Grammar. Every time I stood up in front of my Thai students, I made sure that I was beyond prepared, incorporating varied learning activities. 


I was also assigned to work at the school’s Graduate School office during my vacant hours. Usually, they would ask me to edit the Abstract part of student researches and write communication letters to different universities. Once, they asked me to edit the English subtitle of the school’s promotional audio-visual presentation.


The College of Asian Scholars didn’t just provide training in both personal and professional levels for my future endeavor. The welcoming and friendly Thai people, particularly the school staff, teachers, and students, allowed me to experience and witness what the Land of Smiles has to offer. They took us to different beautiful places and let us experience first-hand some of their tradition for us to have an in-depth understanding of their culture and as to how life goes about in their country.


The people I have met in Thailand – my students, supervisors, and random acquaintances – told me that they have learned something from my life story, which I often shared with them, the amazing Philippines included. The truth is, I have learned more from them, especially from the people who I had the chance to meet, work with, and teach. With that, my heart is full of memories, and that is something that’s more than satisfying.


With this once-in-a lifetime experience, I am delighted to say that I have ended prettily and productively this chapter which prepared me to take on new horizons in this beautiful so-called life–Raul Ubando



Raul Ubando is a senior Bachelor of Secondary Education (English) student of the University of Baguio.





 Raul at a class




 Raul handled grammar classes during his internship




Exploring the Wat Nong Wang Temple 




 With Dr, Kasom Chanawongse, president of the College of Asian Scholars (right) 











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