The Wonders of Traveling

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California




“Each of us has a dream, a heart’s desire. It calls to us. And when we’re brave enough to listen and bold enough to pursue, that dream will lead us on a journey to discover who we’re meant to be. All we have to do is look inside our hearts and unlock the magic within.”



I have always wanted to travel the world, see the places I've only seen in photos. My internship abroad was a start. Traveling is not cheap, so having a paid internship has been a blessing.



As part of my paid internship, I was able to visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, the skyscrapers of New York, and the Disney World in Florida.



I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to learn and earn at the same time.



During my travels, not only was I seeing the places, but I was actually enjoying every destination because of the people I was with and all the people I have met along the way. Those people taught me things you wouldn’t learn in class. I learned to value time and money. I became more independent and confident. I became more adventurous and every time I leave a place, I grow more as a person. I definitely had the best moments in all the places that I visited. Those moments completely blew me away, something I have never experienced before.



Traveling for me now is not as shallow as going to some place just to be able to say, “I have been there.” It’s more about the things that you experience and the people you meet. All those impact you as a person and will allow you to expand your horizons and grow.



“Grab ahold of your dreams and make them come true. For you are the key to unlocking your own magic. Now go. Let your dreams guide you…” – Adrianne Rennie Angelika Balwayan



Adrianne Rennie Angelika Balwayan is a graduating student of the University of Baguio (UB) School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management. She was an on-the-job trainee in Colorado, U.S.A. as part of UB's Work and Study Program.




 At the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California. Hollywood has become a larger-than-life symbol of the

entertainment business in the U.S.



At the New York Times Square



With the Disneys at the Disney World in Florida






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