Top 9 UB alumna graces baccalaureate rites; emphasizes ‘helping others, learning from mistakes’





 Engr. Susan Nalog-Angaga, who finished ninth in the May 1979 Sanitary Engineer Licensure Examination, receives a certificate from

UB president Dr. Dhanna Kerina Rodas after delivering her baccalaureate address.



At the University of Baguio (UB) graduation rites last May 26 at the UB Gym, UB conferred degrees on 1130 graduates, who were joined by their families and friends in celebrating the significant occasion. The ceremonies opened with a baccalaureate mass, which was highlighted by an address delivered by Engr. Susan Nalog-Angaga, a UB alumna who finished ninth in the May 1979 Sanitary Engineer Licensure Examination.


‘Help others’

Engr. Angaga imparted some hard-won advice, recounting stories of how she put up a trading business, a credit cooperative and a school, among others, all of which extend assistance by offering employment opportunities, loans and scholarships.


“Bear in mind that life isn’t [about] ourselves only; it is [more importantly about] helping others,” she said.


“We usually go to rural areas to do community projects, [such as] medical, dental and optical missions, feeding programs, re-greening [activities], construction of toilets and [other] green building engineering [activities], roofing of school buildings, and other environmental projects. It is a fulfillment in my heart to share my expertise, knowledge and skills and be a blessing to others,” she said.


Determination, right attitude

In her address, Engr. Angaga hammered on the profound role of determination and [right] attitude in achieving success. “You don’t need to [graduate] summa cum laude to get a good job, because it is your determination and attitude that matters. We are put in different tests and circumstances everyday [and] how we handle them [is what will determine the results]. I strongly believe that if a person has a goal in life, is well-determined, works hard, and is God-fearing, it is not impossible for [them] to become successful in life,” she stressed.


‘Learn from mistakes’

Engr. Angaga’s speech also built on making choices and decisions. “Sometimes we make the right decisions, [sometimes we] make the wrong ones. But that is just the way it works. What’s important is we learn from our mistakes and do better in the future,” she said.


Expressing her congratulations, she concluded, “As [you] bid [your] alma mater goodbye today, treasure [all the] wisdom [imparted] by [your] mentors.”



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During the Tribute to Parents at the rites, scenes like this dominate the UB Gym. 


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Done. The graduates toss their caps up at the conclusion of the graduation rites.









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