Trashion is the New Fashion: UB Freshmen Celebrate Earth Day

Maria Isabel Sayao flaunts a handmade eco-friendly gown at an activity dubbed “Celebrating Earth Day with GREEN Ideas” 

held at the UB Main AVR.



In celebration of the Earth Day, freshmen students of the University of Baguio (UB) organized a presentation that showcased eco-friendly materials last April 25. The activity – dubbed “Celebrating Earth Day with GREEN Ideas” – featured nature-friendly and sustainable concepts and products.



A fashion presentation highlighted the activity, which featured gowns made of recyclable materials such as trash bag, used straw, paper and plastic wrapper.



Presentations on do-it-yourself water filtration, e-waste management, one tree policy, home gardening, bark art crafts, alternative energy sources, and policy for hikers also formed major part of the activity.



Team Baekdu, who worked on the issue on waste management, rendered the most outstanding presentation.



The activity served as an output of the student participants in their class People and the Earth’s Ecosystems, where each group was tasked to identify an environmental issue they wish to address.



People and the Earth’s Ecosystem is a newly added basic subject for freshmen students that aims to engage the students into critically analyzing environmental issues.  – Dr. Karen Joy Umila 



 Dr. Karen Joy Umila is a professor of PECOSY1 classes at the UB School of Teacher Education. 




Team Baekdu, composed of (from left) Sheena Habiling, Judith Gaveran, Maria Isabel Say-ao, Winchel

Miranda, and Aira Dumpit






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