U.S. internship: Training with Marriott; meeting George Bush, Steve Harvey


Editor's Note: The University of Baguio deploys its Hotel & Restaurant Management and Tourism students in establishments in the country and abroad for its local and international on-the-job training program. For over five years, UB has deployed more than 200 trainees in more than three countries across Asia and America. In the following article, UB intern Jobert Baldo shares his experience training in Virginia. 




UB intern Jobert (extreme left) together with other student trainees from Switzerland and England at the grounds of the Statue of Liberty in New York




A dip in the American dream.


This sums up my internship with Richmond Marriott Downtown in Richmond, Virginia – a wonderful experience that further developed my competitiveness and broadened my perspective about hotel management. 


I had the opportunity to be part of the Richmond Marriott Downtown, a Marriott hotel offering a blend of luxury and Sothern American charm. Being outside of my usual school environment, the feeling of unease was there to start with. Being outside the four walls of the classroom was a real challenge. 


I was with other interns from Switzerland and England, and we were given the opportunity to be assigned in the different departments of the hotel – from the banquets department, Starbucks, to the T-Miller's Sports Bar. I also had the chance to be assigned in different positions that enhanced my food and beverage skills. This was a great avenue for my growth and development in becoming a globally competitive professional in the industry.


Further, we were given the chance to travel to the different states. From the East Coast to the West Coast, we have seen the beauty of the country from its lush environment to its popular concrete jungles known around the world. I also had the chance to meet former U.S. President George W. Bush and Hollywood star Steve Harvey.


“Thank you” is never enough with all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from this experience. – Jobert Baldo 



Jobert Baldo is a senior BS Hotel and Restaurant Management student of the University of Baguio.




 With former U.S. President George W. Bush during a banquet at the Richmond Marriott Downtown hotel



With T-Miller's Sports Bar manager Jennifer Elliott during my last day working at the hotel



Perfection is the hotel's mantra, and keeping things in order is one of a crew member's responsibilities.





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