UB allots space for public walkway; scheme seen to promote students’ safety, tighten security



A wider walkway, as depicted in this perspective, will enable a more secure learning environment for the students of UB.



The University of Baguio (UB) has allotted part of its land area for the accommodation of a wider sidewalk along Assumption Road, giving it enough space for smoother traffic.


In the ongoing remodeling of the entrance of the UB gymnasium, the University has narrowed the area where the renovation was initially set to allow adequate space for the sidewalk. The sidewalk is located along Assumption Road which is used as access route to some of the city's major hospitals and universities.


The scheme is seen to help promote public safety, aside from allowing easier entry to some of Baguio's key establishments.


Dr. Miller Peckley, UB's Vice President for Institutional Development, said the move "would ease up passage of people, especially the students, and vehicles along Assumption Road."


"But what is more important is that the wider space would guarantee everyone's safety and security particularly from vehicle-related accidents," he said.


"It will be UB's contribution to the city, to the community. It's like UB's land donation to the public," he said.


Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Daniel Fariñas expressed his appreciation, saying the initiative "would help create a more spacious freeway, lessening congestion."


The University is currently renovating the entrance of the UB gym, setting up a broader way in.


"It works both ways – the rehabilitation. The entry to the gym will be a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. On the other hand, the students passing through the sidewalk won't have to worry about being run over by vehicles or bumped into by other pedestrians," Dr. Peckley said.


He added the project is part of UB's celebration of its 65th anniversary this year.


"It is also just in time for the new school year since more students will flock the campus," he said.



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