UB picks up major wins in medtech quiz bees




The UB competing team with UB president Prof. Dhanna Kerina Rodas (center): (from left) coaches Hazel Hope Acosta and Jeremiah Chilam; Nhoelyn Burcao, Sheila Burgos, Mark Robert Soriano, and Anjoshua Sabado, all MedTech students of UB




In a remarkable display of intellect, the University of Ba­guio (UB) raked in major wins in three quiz shows organized by the internationally affiliated Philippine Association of Medical Technolo­gists (PAMET).


The UB team – composed of Nhoelyn Burcao, Sheila Burgos, Anjoshua Sabado and Mark Robert Soriano from the UB School of Natural Sciences – landed fifth during the national PAMET quiz bee held in Manila on Sept. 17. The competition gathered together over 50 schools from around the country.


“It was tough. But I think one reason we won is that we were subjected to intense review prior to the competition,” Burcao said.


The team also dominated the PAMET North Luzon quiz bee held in Isabela on Sept. 10, finishing as cham­pion and beating out the 19 other participating teams.


“The curriculum [in UB] covers what were given in the quiz bee. I think that helped,” Burgos noted.


Meanwhile, at the PAMET Baguio-Ben­guet-sponsored interlaboratory quiz bee held on Sept. 19 at the DOH-CAR Training Center, the UB team settled second.


“Our mentors at the School of Natural Sciences encourage us to do better. That’s very helpful especially when you’re attending competitions,” stressed Sabado.


The three competitions were indepen­dent of each other, but covered the same fields: blood banking, clini­cal chemistry, clinical microscopy, hematology, histopathology, microbiology, and serology, as well as the laws concerning medical technology. They were co-organized by the Philippine Association of Schools of Medical Technology and Pub­lic Health.


“The support system [at the UB School of Natural Sciences] is just solid… They follow up on you from your first year until after you graduate,” said Soriano.


The team was coached by Hazel Hope Acosta and Jeremiah Chilam.


PAMET, the national organization of medical technology professionals in the country, is affiliated with the Asia Association of Medical Laborato­ry Scientists, Interna­tional Federation in Clinical Chemistry, and the International Fed­eration of Biochemi­cal Laboratory Scien­tists.





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