UB proceeds with short term with flexible learning system

As the enhanced community quarantine is lifted and the City of Baguio is placed under modified general quarantine, the University of Baguio (UB) has sketched out how to proceed with the short term for school year 2019-2020.


The UB academic council and management have been regularly meeting and coordinating virtually in the past months, building out scenarios for what campus life could look like over the next several months and how the campus can reopen as safely as possible. The plans cover a range of possible schemes, from a slightly modified traditional semester, to a blend of smaller classes, and continued online teaching and gatherings that are limited in size.


For the short term, which starts on June 8, the greater use of online options is anticipated as UB adopts the flexible learning system. The approach seeks maximize safety while ensuring that quality learning and education continue to take place. UB has categorized student learners in three groups according to students who have average to strong Internet connection, students who have weak Internet connection, and students who have no Internet connection. 


Specifically, UB will be employing a combination of online learning and modular approach, which involves coursework through modules which are delivered through the Web, e-mail, message boards that are posted on online forums and available learning packets for students.


Based on Memorandum C. No. 9, series of 2020 Re: Advisory for Summer/Short Term 2020, students who have weak or no Internet connection can opt for modules at the start of classes. Meanwhile, for students who have average or strong Internet connection and gadgets or devices needed to access the learning management system (LMS), which includes live streaming and other online-based tasks, they may opt to do the classes through online learning mode.


Transitioning to the “new normal,” an average or strong Internet connection and the necessary gadgets and devices are needed to access the LMS and comply with online requirements. In this connection, UB has come up with an e-learning device loan scheme, which aims to support students to be able to access online-based classes. On the other hand, if the student has the capability to purchase the needed learning bundle in cash, discounts have been arranged with UB’s partners.

UB’s goal is to reduce the number of people on campus in order to slow if not eliminate the potential transmission of the coronavirus and protect vulnerable populations from exposure.


Guiding these efforts is UB’s commitment to the health, safety and welfare of its students, employees, and other clients. UB is also committed to ensuring that—however it is delivered—the proud tradition of a quality UB education continues.





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