This August 8, UB turns 70; celebration opens with Freshmen Day



Today, August 8, 2018, the University of Baguio (UB) turns 70. On this occasion we mark the seven decades of delivering education – one that’s inspired by a shared commitment to excellence.


Celebration opens with Freshmen Day

The University's 70th foundation anniversary was opened with the Freshmen Day, which featured a student organization registration and membership fair. Earlier in the day, a mass was presided by Fr. Julius Mahigab and Fr. Benedict Lopez, who are both alumni of UB. A concert featuring some of the country's up-and-coming teen stars was staged in the evening. 



Tatay and Nanay founded the university with the goal of helping rebuild the nation from the rubbles of the Second World War. Setting up a five-room structure along Session Road, they opened technical courses. With 89 students and five teachers, an academic community was born.


In the years that followed, UB has steadily expanded its academic portfolio, responding to the demands of the times.


In 1969, the school was conferred the university status. Since then, UB has become a hub of intellectual, vibrant and fun interactions. It has become a place for learning, discovery, discourse, expression and innovation. Now, UB is a thriving community of diverse people – people of different backgrounds, races, colors and cultures.


Academic excellence

For many years now, UB has been granted the autonomous status, a seal of academic competence in higher education. Since 1979, the university has produced over a hundred board topnotchers across all fields. UB’s consistent participation in key competitions and trainings in and outside the country has continued to strengthen its mission to train global citizens.


UB alumni can be located in all parts of the globe. As they leave the portals of the University of Baguio, the UB alumni assume profound roles in several levels of the society.


As dynamic as ever, UB will readily take on the challenges of the constantly changing landscape of education.


As it strives to accomplish its mission, it will remain committed to creating a significant impact on the society. And as it pushes forward with its vision, it will continue to create a highly engaged community of empowered global citizens.



Scroll down for photos. All photos by the UB Media Affairs and Publications Office.



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The 70th Foundation Anniversary opened with the Freshmen Day.   


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Freshmen flock the UB Gym at the student organizations fair.


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A student registers for a student organization membership. 



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 Student booths were set up at the student fair which called for memberships in the various student organizations in the University.   


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The 70th Foundation Anniversary also honors the University's founders, Dr. Fernando "Tatay"

Gonzaga Bautista and Rosa "Nanay" Castillo Bautista.   


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Members of the UB student cultural group UBBUK participated in the mass, which was held earlier in the morning.   


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UB president Engr. Javier Herminio Bautista takes part in the mass.


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Fr. Julius Mahigab, together with Fr. Benedict Lopez, officiated the mass.


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The UB community, including the founders' descendants, gathered together at the mass.


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A blessing ceremony was conducted at the Founders' Garden following the mass.


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The UB Voices, UB's choir group, performed as a prelude to the concert.    


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The UB Graces, UB's dance crew, pumped up the venue.


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The event engaged participation from the students, with the tickets filling the ticket box.   


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Teen star Kurt Kendrick performs at the concert.


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Teen celebrity Nikki Co renders a song number for the crowd.


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Print ad model Grizelle Gratela (center) and Miss UB 2017 Kali Yantrel Martin (second from left) present raffle prizes to student winners.


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Backstage. Teen celebrities (from left) Lance Edward, Fourth Solomon, Grizelle Gratela, Lindsay Johnston, Joemarie Nielsen, and Kurt Kendrick 




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