UB’s int’l OJT: California

Editor's Note: The University of Baguio deploys its Hotel & Restaurant Management and Tourism students in establishments in the country and abroad for its local and international on-the-job training program. For over five years, UB has deployed more than 200 trainees in more than three countries across Asia and America. In the following article, UB intern Czar Ephraim shares his experience training in Southern California from March 2016 to February 2017. 



“If you are going to be able to learn something from me today, it means that I did my job right,” my supervising chef told me.


Being an intern abroad taught me a lot. For one, learning is a continuous process. You learn even after you have finished your on-the-job training.


My on-the-job training was a venue for me to apply the lessons I learned in school. It helped me enhance my skills and increase my knowledge. It exposed me to a variety of experiences that made me maximize my potentials to becoming a competitive industry professional.


Working for a first-rate company with well-experienced chefs who set their goals to exceed guest expectations pushed me to be the best that I could be.


It was challenging because I had to do things which I did not usually do, but I learned a lot. I had to wake up early, take the bus, and start working at six o’clock. My duty was until 10 o’clock in the evening. I would spend hours cooking in the hot kitchen, going around. Part of the responsibility was to deal with guests and provide service beyond their expectations.


A chef during my training said that whatever we do, we have to do our best and that we have to do what we love. With his words I was able to reflect and realize that this is what I love to do. – Czar Ephraim Gragasin






 Czar Ephraim Gragasin is a graduating BS Hotel and Restaurant Management student of the University of Baguio.





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