UB’s international on-the-job training program: Maryland, U.S.A.


Editor's Note: The University of Baguio deploys its Business Administration and Accountancy  students in firms and companies in the country and abroad for its local and international on-the-job training program. In the following article, UB intern Edward shares his experience training in Maryland, U.S.A.





UB intern Edward at a store in Ocean City, Maryland (Photo: Edward Danielle Cruz)




One of the most memorable experiences I ever had was participating in the international on-the-job training (IOJT) program of the University of Baguio. Instead of having the local OJT, I applied for the IOJT. Luckily, I qualified.



The international on-the-job training is an experience which I encourage students to try. Being exposed to a foreign environment is a challenging task. Knowing and having the skills and abilities required of your chosen career are not enough to be able to survive the journey. It takes real guts to cope up with the lifestyle in the States. Practicality is what runs life there. Survival in the training is dependent on your traits and abilities. Personally, being friendly is a very helpful feature in having a better experience in America. I always made sure that I knew the people around me especially my neighbors. Not all of the occupants in our apartment were from the Philippines, which made it more challenging for me. Most of them were from Europe. It was a good thing that they stayed in America for an extended period which made it easier for me.



Also, communicating is a crucial part of winning friends. My most memorable experience was when I made a lot of friends who work in different stores at Ocean City, and they would always give me a minimum of 50% discount whenever I make a purchase. It was the best perk. I never thought that our friendship would result in me being able to save more because of the discounts. Friendliness, for me, is the best trait one could ever possess because it will not only widen your network but will also improve the way you deal with people as well as your communication skills.



The most challenging task I have come across during the experience was budgeting.  I have been attending seminars regarding budgeting but I realized that knowing what to do is not enough. Experience will help validate what was taught during the seminar. I believe that the seminars and workshops that I have attended were successful in imparting knowledge on budgeting.



In conclusion, I feel like the training was a practical application of not only the lessons that I have learned in the classroom but more importantly in life itself. Ultimately, it has opened my eyes to reality. – Edward Danielle Cruz 






Edward (second from left) with his co-interns (Photo: Edward Danielle Cruz)




Edward has found friends in the staff at the Ocean City store he trained in. (Photo: Edward Danielle Cruz) 





Edward Danielle Cruz is a senior BS Business Administration (Marketing Management) student of the University of Baguio.







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