UB secures major wins in allied health sciences competitions




From left: Shanice Francheska Alimorong, Princess Jeanly Rañeses, Marilyn Tomilas, Karmina Noelle Padilla, Nyssa Phoebe Dy, Jezreel Joelle Alimorong, Elisha Joy Manganti, Aricka Candie Basto, and Allyson Piduca (Photo: Rene Pascua/UB Media Affairs and Publications Office)




Participants from the School of Allied Medical Sciences of the University of Baguio (UB) scooped major awards in two competitions last February.



At the 1st Biology Teachers’ Association of the Philippines-CAR Research Presentation held in Benguet State University (BSU) last Feb. 4, two groups from UB secured the two highest spots. The first group – Shanice Francheska Alimorong, Aricka Candie Basto, Elisha Joy Manganti, and Allyson Piduca – finished as champions with their paper “Besodak as Histological Fixative of Biopsy Material”. The paper examined the effectiveness of besodak and mixtures of guava and santol extracts as alternative fixative in tissue processing, or mummification. In the research, the group used liver as biopsy material. Findings suggest that the besodak mixture is an effective histological fixative in the mummification process, which means it can be an alternative to formalin, which can cause skin irritation. With the besodak mixture, the exposure of the skin to possible hazard caused by synthetically produced solutions such as formalin is largely reduced.



Another group – represented by Princess Jeanly Rañeses and Marilyn Tomilas – landed as second runner-up. Their research, “Hemostatic and Phytochemical Testing of Peley”, looked into the ability of the peley plant to heal wounds. (The peley plant belongs to a family of trees which grows abundantly in Baw-ek, Taloy Sur, Tuba.) Confirming the plant’s healing ability, results showed it can be used as an alternative agent in promoting in vitro clotting.



Biology and medical technology students from Baguio-Benguet schools participated in the presentation. Teresa Villanueva and Dr. Marilou Saong served as the group’s adviser and research instructor, respectively.



Meanwhile, Jezreel Joelle Alimorong clinched the championship title in the 17th Word Wizard held in BSU last Feb. 23. Nyssa Phoebe Dy and Karmina Noelle Padilla landed first runner-up and second runner-up, respectively.



Some of the words spelled in the competition include the following medical terms: Ctenocephalides, Queckenstedt’s sign, Sabouraud Dextrose, urophein, and pterygium.



Nursing, medical technology, physical therapy, and veterinary medicine students joined the competition. Justin Cacayuran and Leidelyn Emock coached the UB participants.







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