UB conducts medical – dental outreach

General medical assessment was offered during the outreach. 


A medical – dental outreach in Barangay Lucnab was conducted by the University of Baguio (UB) last Nov. 9, where medical and dental services were provided for free. 


Check-up and consultation were held by the UB Clinic while dental examination and tooth extraction were performed by the UB School of Dentistry. Meanwhile, the UB School of Nursing supervised the general medical assessment while the Physical Therapy Department of the UB School of Natural Sciences performed postural assessment, clinical referral and manual therapy including traction and kinesio taping. Moreover, clinical laboratory tests such as urinalysis, random blood sugar, blood typing, and hematocrit determination were performed by the Medical Technology Department.  


Optometric assessment was also made available to the residents. 


Furthermore, multivitamins, supplements, and other medicines such as carbocisteine and paracetamol were distributed by the UB Clinic. RPG Distribution Inc. also distributed deodorants by Procter and Gamble. 


The activity was organized in partnership with the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists Baguio-Benguet-Mt. Province Chapter, who also handed out slippers to the residents. 


Special thanks are extended to the following for their key assistance: the staff, faculty members, and students of the UB School of Nursing, UB School of Dentistry, and UB School of Natural Sciences; Dr. Esmeralda Gatchallan of the UB Clinic; Teresa Villanueva, dean of the UB School of Natural Sciences; Dr. Nerrisia Chinjen of the UB School of Dentistry; Maria Vida Ragma, president of PAMET Baguio-Benguet-Mt. Province Chapter; Kisharel Fernandez-Hernandez, Credit and Collection supervisor; Joanne Krizel Santiago, senior marketing assistant of RPG Distribution Services Inc.; Dr. Jasmine Salcedo; Dr. Romer Tanyag, director of UB – ECOS; and UB – ECOS outreach coordinators—Jaleh Gacayan (SNS), Myrizza Capili (SON), and Dr. Stephanie Charleine Saxton (SOD). — Leonard Gio Hadap 


Leonard Gio Hadap is a student of the University of Baguio School of Natural Sciences.


The outreach was participated in by residents of varying ages.


Physical therapy assessment, clinical laboratory tests, and dental examination were likewise performed during the activity.


The outreach is a collaborative activity of the School of Natural Sciences,

School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, and the University Clinic,

organized by the UB Extension and Community Outreach Services Offices. 




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