UB stude commended for returning laptop she found in classroom

Shireen Abu Shaheen (center) receives a letter of commendation during the turn-over ceremony.

From left:  Lardizabal Lupadit, UB's chief security officer; Amado Orden Jr., director of the UB Office of Student Affairs;

Aiko Nagano, the owner of the laptop; and Dr. Bernardita Ayunon, dean of the UB School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts



Shireen Abu Shaheen, a Bachelor of Arts in English Language student at the University of Baguio, was commended for returning a laptop she found in a classroom last October.


Abu Shaheen was presented with a letter of commendation for her act, considered a rarity these days.


Abu Shaheen recalled, “I was at the H Building for my afternoon classes. While passing the time, I and some classmates entered this classroom. I noticed that there was a bag in the teacher’s table. I thought, ‘Okay, maybe the owner will come take it shortly.’ And then an hour passed and we had to leave. One of my companions said, ‘Maybe you should bring the bag to the Dean’s Office.’ I opened the bag and I saw that a laptop was in it. I was like, ‘This thing is super cool.’ The laptop is super light and super thin; it’s really cool. I took the bag and brought it to the Dean’s Office.”


Days after, the laptop found its way back to its owner, Aiko Nagano, a Japanese exchange student in the University. “I already left the school when I realized I didn’t have my laptop with me,” Nagano recounted. “I reported about it to the Security Office the next day. I was delighted to have my laptop back a couple of days later,” she said. “Shireen is just so kind and honest, and I’ve been lucky she was the one who found my laptop,” she added.


Dr. Bernardita Ayunon, the dean of the School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts, applauded Abu Shaheen, saying she is a “role model” worthy of emulation.


“I never considered taking the laptop. I mean, whatever you do will come back to you at some point, good or bad. Might as well choose the good, right?” Abu Shaheen quipped. 






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