UB Voices: Harnessing Talents and Potentials

I entered University of Baguio with a very little ambition in me. I just wanted to maintain my scholarship, complete my flowchart and earn my diploma in five years. Nothing more, nothing less. I did not have enthusiasm when I was in my first year; my performance was lackluster. Most of the time, I would go to school just in time for my first class and immediately strap on my backpack and head home after my last class. Besides the occasional night-out with high school friends or block mates, my weekends were mostly spent wasting life away at home.


Unsurprisingly, my 100% academic scholarship dropped to only 25% after my first year in college. After seeing how most of the academic scholars were inciting change and leaving their own marks inside and outside the university, I saw how ungrateful I was to myself, to the university, to society, and to God, all of whom have played significant roles in allowing me to enjoy the privilege of being one of UB’s academic scholars.


My attitude towards student life began to shift after joining the University of Baguio Voices Chorale. It is an avenue for students to develop and share their talents while being granted financial aid in college.


Voices enabled me to get to know other performers from other places, people who in just a few hours earned my respect and admiration. It also allowed me to create a stronger bond with God. The tightly knit support shown by each member helped in the socio-emotional and spiritual development of everyone in the group.


Admittedly, I had to adjust my schedule and study habits. I had less time and less room to procrastinate and less leeway to enjoy weekly night-outs with friends, but it’s all worth it. Not only did I find a family in Voices, I found a group of people who constantly aimed to exceed what is expected of them.


The Performing Arts Scholarship Program is designed to harness and maximize the potentials of the scholars. I believe that the program succeeded in fulfilling its basic objectives. I, for one, would say that it has been instrumental to my growth.


– Amor Fe Baliton






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