UBBUK performs in 'Isturya sinan Batawa'



UBBUK performs during the show, which was the first ever cultural show for children to be held in La Trinidad.

(Photo courtesy of UBBUK) 




The University of Baguio BIBAK Ubbon Kaafuan (UBBUK), UB’s student cultural group, performed at the “Isturya sinan Batawa” (Stories in the Heavens) cultural theatre show held at the Benguet State University gym last Nov. 11.



UBBUK performed the “Turayan” (Flight of the Eagle) dance, which portrays the movements of an eagle. The dance originated from Madukayan on the eastern side of Mountain Province.



The activity, which was the first of its kind in La Trinidad, showcased the different Cordilleran dances and folktales.



The show, organized by the La Trinidad Central School Highland Cultural Dance Group, aimed to promote appreciation for Cordilleran culture, folktale, and the values attached to such culture. It is an attempt to “relieve and sustain the Cordilleran culture and traditions and to pass such to the next generation.” It was attended by children, elders, parents, students, and municipality officials. – Stephanie Janne Belgica



Stephanie Janne Belgica is a senior Bachelor of Forensic Science student of the University of Baguio.




Elders and children attended the event. Here, UBBUK performs the Turayan dance.

(Photo courtesy of UBBUK) 



Photo shows members of the audience and performers at the show.

(Photo courtesy of UBBUK)