20 APRIL 2017

Clean Cut






Listens to a lot of: Pop, acoustic, easy listening music

Binge-watches: The Big Bang Theory

Comfort track: “Everything” by Michael Bublé

Comfort activities: Going places alone, watching Vine/funny videos

Caught the fashion bug at age: 17

Style principle: Brand name will not define the true essence of fashion. Your attitude and confidence will give the outfit its own brand.

Style history: I derived my style from Daniel Padilla, particularly from how he looked in the TV series Princess and I. I admire him for his simple X bad boy image that hooked the masses. I even imitated his fashion and hairstyle when I first joined a university pageant back in our province.

Style icon: Marcel Floruss


















Style Tip


This week it’s all about that clean look. Straight right on to the outfits, the first one bends on the monochromatic side. Black is the color (let’s say, the standard color) for an effortlessly stylish monochromatic ensemble but apparently for some reason blue works too. The second and third outfits both feature a detailed top, which should always be paired with something plain.


Now here’s a note worth considering: Don’t forget that your bag is part of your outfit, an accessory (this probably reminds you of that dude you just saw holding his girl’s bag – okay, this is just something style lovers are concerned about; not a big deal if you’re not into such business *peace out*). And, yes, even your glasses are a part of your outfit.


The rough look is an ultimate turn-on (okay, for some) but there’s something about men looking neat and polished, don’t you agree?

Rough or clean, here’s the deal: In wearing something, we tell the world our story. Now let us tell the world our story… for now through something called style.


About Our Guest Photographer




English major Sue Ellen Cubing shot this week’s images for Campus Lookbook. Here’s a sneak-peek into our guest photographer’s inspiration: 


Currently inspired by: The little things in life like my coffee, amazing fam, friends that feel like home, the island kids back where I come from, quiet times, taking photographs, and just capturing moments

Currently reading: Love” by Chuck Smith

Photography hero: My friend, Xee. She was the one who introduced me to the world of photography and she inspired me to be not afraid of putting my own touch to my photos.

Also into: Doing song covers with my ukulele, discovering new places especially coffee shops, and of course my second love, blogging

Best shoot she’s ever done: A shoot with a friend’s extremely adorable baby for her 1st birthday! I took pretty photos of her and did a “Save the Date” video for her birthday, too. That was in Pampanga so I got to travel as well.

Growing up, what did you want to be? In primary grade I wanted to be a fashion designer, and then I wanted to be an interior designer/photographer. Perhaps someday? We’ll see. J


Check out her blog 




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