25 NOVEMBER 2016

Her Zenith, Our Zsan:

Dressing Up the Petite Frame








There is so much in numbers. It is intricate yet exact. It is infinite yet restricting. In Zsan Kathreen Anne Botiwey’s case, it is an opportunity.


Zsan, the third of four daughters, traces her roots to Benguet and Mt. Province. Her father, John Galipen Botiwey, is from Kibungan, while her mom, Mary Jane Miles Botiwey, is from Bauko and Sagada, Mt. Province. This makes her half-Kankana-ey and half-Ibaloi, with dashes of Spanish and Chinese blood.


Since childhood, this wide-eyed Cordilleran lass has been in action. She sings, can pull off some notes from the guitar (even the drums) and learns dance fast. Being a UBian since Grade 5 (she is also an alumna of the UB Science High School), she categorizes herself as competitive. “Competitive in the sense that I don’t compete with others to prove that I’m the best. Instead, I compete with myself to be better each day, knowing that there is always room for improvement.”


It was this sense of competition that got her through the strenuous and overwhelming path to becoming Miss UB.


A key setback would have impeded her from being in a pageant competition: her height. At four feet, eight inches tall, many would dismiss the pretty lass as another “sayang” — a lost opportunity.


But 2016 proved to be her year. After finishing as First-Runner Up in the Miss School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management, Zsan followed up the feat by joining Miss University of Baguio. The smallest among the contestants, anyone would take her as the underdog. Except that she was not. And she won. She was crowned Miss UB 2016. Her striking features also earned her the Miss Photogenic and Miss Cyberbabe awards, garnering the most votes in the online poll. It was, however, her answer in the Q and A portion that sealed her fate. Asked about how she intends to integrate this year’s Miss UB theme “Regale”— to give delight or fascinate — into academics, she stressed the importance of using God-given talents and abilities to develop oneself and benefit others. Got some applause-worthy stuff right there.





Currently addicted to: Desserts. Desserts help me relieve stress. A lot. 

Binge-watches: The Walking Dead. I love how each episode unfolds with all its twists and turns. I like how the real-life scenes collide with fiction.


Listens to a lot of: Chill songs. I love music, but not as much as I love food. My favorite playlists are on the “The Sound You Need” channel on YouTube. The songs help me light up.


Comfort tracks: “Jumpshot” by Dawin and “One Dance” by Drake

“Jumpshot” is a really cool song with a beat that makes my head bounce wherever I am. (I try not to make it obvious when I’m in public.) “One Dance” makes me want to get up and dance as soon as it plays. It makes me feel relaxed and hyped up at the same time.  


Binge-reads: The Bible. I always make sure I have time for God. Just me and Him. My day isn’t complete without me reading at least a verse. My favorite book is Psalms. It’s where some of my song compositions are based on.


Comfort activity: Eating! Besides God, my life is focused on food. Anywhere, anytime, whoever I’m with, whatever my mood is, I just love to eat my heart out. I can’t survive two straight hours without filling my mouth with anything considered as food. Unless I’m asleep. Believe me, I get in a very bad mood when I’m hungry. 


Style principle: Anything black/black and white. I like staying minimal with colors. I love how black never fails me. It makes me look taller and enhances my complexion. 


Style history: I’ve come to love fashion when I started reading fashion mags and when I started watching fashion shows. I kept telling myself I’ll be walking the runway soon. It came to pass years after.


Caught the fashion bug at age: 12. I had a collection of Barbie dolls when I was 11, and I would style them with clothes that I designed. Then at 12, I started dressing myself up without the help of my sisters, my mom or our house-help. I liked watching fashion shows and browsing fashion magazines. That was when I also dreamt of becoming a model. 


Favorite style item: Nail polish. I like making my nails look pretty; I even impulse-buy on colors that I find amusing even if I don’t really use them that much. 


Style icon: Cara Delevingne. She has always been my favorite model. She dresses up according to her mood. She doesn’t have to always go big on trends; she just goes with what she’s comfortable in. I don’t know if it’s just me who notices but whatever she wears, or whatever it is that’s on her, whether she’s in her PJ’s or clad in designer clothes, she always looks so gorgeous.

















Women today are given the opportunity to dress the way they want to and be confident in their own ways regardless of their height or figure. This week’s feature is particularly dedicated to women and girls of petite frame. The following are some tips on how a petite figure can be dressed up.



Tip #1

Look for boutiques or shops that cater to petite women and offer clothes that suit your body type. Brands like Old Navy, Forever 21, and Zara cater to petite sizes.



Tip #2

Opt for pieces that accentuate your assets and flatter your body type. It is key that you wear garments that fit you right.



Tip #3

Pairing high-waisted pants with a short top will create a flattering silhouette. Wearing skirts or jeans that go higher than your natural waist and then tucking in your top also create the same flattering effect. Avoid heavy or boxy tops – you don’t want to look bulky. But then again it all depends on your style and preference.



Tip #4

Wearing a good pair of comfy heels is most likely the easiest way to increase height. Heeled sneakers are also a convenient choice. Choose a pair that matches the color of your skin, outfit, tights, or jeans to create the illusion of longer and leaner legs.



Tip #5

Flats are definitely great for the petite figure, ankle boots included. Given that perhaps every Baguio girl owns a pair of boots, if you’re petite, make sure to wear boots that hit below your knee, showing a substantial amount of skin. Avoid the ones that end on the mid-part of your shins, as they tend to cut your legs shorter.



Tip #6

Finally, avoid chunky accessories. Go easy on those types of accessories for they might overwhelm the whole look and you.




There you go. Have fun styling, girls!











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