02 FEBRUARY 2018






This week we’re having a bit of an anniversary moment, as Campus Lookbook is turning 2. To mark the occasion, we’re shifting gears a little. Sue, who has previously photographed some features here on Campus Lookbook, is laying down her camera to be the subject of this week’s Campus Lookbook feature, shot by her mom. And as we continue to explore and celebrate the UBian individuality and style, we’re all about elevated style this week.


So buckle up; we’re going up somewhere elevated...





Comfort track: “La Vie En Rose” by Anton and Laura

Listens to a lot of: Contemporary Christian, indie, 50’s rock, Hawaiian/Caribbean music

Comfort activity: Buying flowers and coffee for myself! #TreatThyself

Style principle: Function > fashion every time. Go be cute, but make sure to be also comfortable. Also, never dress to impress. (The only person you need to impress when dressing up is yourself.) 

Style history: Way back in kindergarten, I’d wear a curtain or a blanket as a dress, style it in front of the mirror, go to my older sister and ask if she would buy a dress that looked like it. Since then I started to have a thing for fashion, even dreamt of becoming a fashion designer/stylist at one point in my life! 

Favorite style items: Watches and rings — IDK, but there’s something about them that gives a little bit of an edge to a minimal look. 

Style icon: This 2018, it’s Niki Sky.







Straight right out of Pinterest, this ensemble screams downright chic. Most of the time the elevated look is built around minimalist pieces and styling.


The look is perfect for after-school appointments, or Saturday morning meet-ups. You can totally rock the look in the campus, but opt for a pair of white sneakers instead as an alternative finish, as you often walk from one class to another. It helps to remember that smart dressing covers style, comfort and functionality altogether. 















Stripes lend that classic vibe while gray renders a polished, elegant feel. 





A casual look that’s smartly done? This one nails it. Tip: A nice scarf does the trick. And a nice clutch. And some loose ponytail.







The cold season may be generally defined by dark hues and neutrals, but it doesn’t mean you should entirely cross out summer patterns and colors. A summer piece – like this fine item here – provides an interesting jolt in your outfit. The Baguio weather can get cold as crazy in the evening this time of the year, so make sure to bring jacket (leather or denim are great choices) with you.








The coral tone spells warmth, which is definitely all we need during the cold days.  














A really nice stuff to wear everyday: #Gratitude






The key to an elevated style is restraint – elegant restraint if you will. You see, you don’t necessarily have to pile on various pieces and items and colors and patterns. Stick to neutral colors and classic pieces – they are timeless. Perhaps the word is minimalism. Not going over the top. Most important of all  – as we always say – it’s embracing your individuality that makes you truly stylish. #UBCampusLookbook #IndividualityMagnified





Our Featured Photographer This Week






Mothers know best, they say. It seems knowing your daughter’s angles is covered by such premise. :-)


Mommy Doris often takes Sue’s photos, and their mom-and-daughter tandem has earned them admirers. Which got us thinking, how many mothers and daughters share a similar relationship like Sue and her mom’s? It’s something we ought to celebrate.


Our feature this week doubles as a tribute for our moms, who we should always hold in high esteem for taking on the most complicated, toughest, most challenging job in the world: being a mom. (Who says we should only honor our moms on Mother’s Day?) xx






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