10 JANUARY 2017

Grunge Feels






We all have that distinct look – sassy, classy, assy J, preppy, sporty, hipster, grunge. You name it.

And we have different interpretations for each look, which is absolutely fine.


This week, we take a peek at our featured fashionista’s interpretation of grunge, which is pretty evident in both outfits she’s wearing.


Sometimes, you can choose your outfit based on your hair – its color or style. Today, the bold and tricky red hair takes center stage.

Not a lot of people can pull off this particular color (Rona Lin here interrupting: I used to think Hayley Williams was the only one who had the right to go red;

I now admit I was wrong.) Karen here is definitely slaying it.


Check out blogger Luanna Perez (Instagram: @luanna90) and get inspired by her various interpretations of all things grunge.




Since it’s chill (brace yourselves it’s about to get a lot colder!), we continue to have fun playing with the cold season ensemble.

Bust out into the grunge mode with these three go-to pieces: a leather jacket, combat boots, and a scarf. Put on a beanie for extra warmth + extra statement.






Currently addicted to: Music, fashion, adventure

Binge-watches: Female-fronted flicks. They remind me how powerful a woman can be. They inspire me a lot.

Comfort tracks: “Last Hope” by Paramore. A little spark of hope goes a long way.

“(There’s Gotta Be) More To Life” by Stacie Orrico. There is more to life than just whining about being single or alone.

Comfort activities: Singing (also: dancing, travelling, swimming)

All my problems seem to fade away when I start singing. It’s a planted passion within my humanity. It’s the best outlet, diversion and cure for me.

Style principle: I like plain colors and light shades that create some contrast when worn with my flamed hair. I’m a combination of simplicity and unusual.

Style history: I was able to adopt my style through my experiences as a performer. I learned how to match my looks with what I do – as a singer and as a dancer.

Caught the fashion bug at age: 16. My style shifted from one tone to another until I was able to dig what I really want. But I’m still open to changes.

Favorite style item: Shoes. I can’t be fully dressed and confident without a majestic pair of footwear.  





Fedoras definitely give that instant injection of cool. So if you want to amp up your look, fedoras are a must-have.


If you don’t feel like wearing a skirt, grab a pair of ripped jeans and a vintage tee or rock band T-shirt.

Finish the number with ankle boots or platform shoes and you’re ready to rock and roll.






Choose plain colors for your ensemble so your outfit won’t clash with your hair. It is important to look for balance when dressing up. 


At the end of the day, fashion is transparent. It is a conspicuous way for us to show the world our own individual without uttering a single word.
















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