04 MAY 2018

Earth Brown & Scarlet  






So we’re on to two things today: Earth brown and scarlet, the colors of humility and courage.  





Listens to a lot of: Dance and electronic music

Binge-reads: “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Wattpad 

Binge-watches: Vine compilations on YouTube

Comfort activities: Board games, guitar, piano, jogging

Style history: I became interested in dressing up after my first pageant. Before, I didn’t really care about what I wore. I have realized that looking good doesn’t hurt, does it? After all, things that look good spread good vibes around.

Favorite style item: Lip tint

Favorite go-to look: High-rise bottoms, jacket-coat, wedge sneakers

Style icons: Angelina Jolie, Hannah Stocking, Victoria Justice

Style principle: Cover up. Also, it's really important that you wear pieces you feel comfortable in.







If there’s one tone that’s never absent in the rotation of trends and styles over the ages, it’s Earth brown. It has endured for centuries. A particular shade of Earth brown – khaki – has been used by many armies around the world for uniforms, starting in the 1840s. In the Middle Ages, brown robes were worn by monks as a sign of humility. Fast-forward to now, Earth brown remains an essential shade that gives appeal to a wardrobe, never going out of style.





For Earth brown coats, pairing one with a white top and black bottoms is the way to go. While a matchy-matchy number works best with black, wearing two Earth brown pieces together equally renders an interesting color-coordinated ensemble.






 It’s an unspoken rule that pulling off a red dress-down ensemble means including black pieces in the equation. Gwen here likes to keep things color-coordinated, so she opted for a red sneaker-finish.



The scarlet color is associated with courage. Along with other bright shades of red, it reflects drive and determination. With Earth brown conveying humility and scarlet signifying courage and determination, it’s interesting how clothes can magnify not only our individuality but also the good stuff in us humans. xx








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