12 MAY 2017

The Modest Movement: It’s Hijab, Baby





In September last year at the New York Fashion Week, Muslim designer Anniesa Hasibuan staged the first all-hijab line-up at the show, creating history. Hijabs dazzled the catwalk, and it was a historic moment.


There is a growing number of hijabi fashion bloggers and they are all amazing and independent women. Apparently, the modest movement is trailblazing the fashion industry. 


Now some may think that the hijab is confining Muslim women in expressing their style but this is the part where you can get creative without losing your modesty.




Currently addicted to: Zen Tea, the hangout place

It’s a great place to chill with friends or alone. They serve great milk tea beverages, and the staff are really friendly.

Comfort activities: Spending time with family, hanging out with friends

Nothing is more important than the bond between family and friends.

Comfort album: Ed Sheeran’s “Divide”

The album is so addictive. I like that his songs reflect both the good and ugly stuff in life and that they are meaningful.

Listens to a lot of: R&B

Most of the tracks express how I feel about things. They’re drama-free.

Style principle: Wear what makes you comfortable. If you’re not completely comfortable with what you’re wearing you tend to be someone else, you become someone you’re not, and that’s not living.

Style history: As a teenager my mom would usually pick my outfits for me. In my late teens I started shopping on my own, but I didn’t know what looked good and what didn’t. One time I went shopping. I was still navigating through my wardrobe style, so I bought what the saleslady recommended. It was nice, and it looked good on me, but it made me feel stiff and I felt that it wasn’t me. I never got to wear it after all. Ever since that day whenever I went shopping I made sure I was 100% comfortable with whatever I bought. My mom once said it’s not the dress or outfit that should give you personality – you are the personality and you give the outfit attitude. 

Favorite style item: Blazers. I like the semi-formal look blazers give out. For me they communicate empowerment and equality, since both men and women can wear them.

Style icon: Jenifer Lawrence. Apart from her wardrobe choices, which I absolutely love, she’s down-to-earth and she doesn’t kill herself to fit a dress. Her perspectives on fashion and lifestyle resemble mine. Fashion – they say you are what you eat but I believe that you are what you wear.




Jumpers are a perfect match to hijabs. Try pairing opposite colors together or combining complementary hues (every style lover should have a printout of the color wheel posted on their wall J). Wear it with flats or leather sandals. It depends on what you’re going for. You may also opt to add in a coat or blazer.








For a laid-back street style vibe, wear your hijab with a denim top. As an alternative, a maxi skirt or dress is one of the best pieces you can wear a hijab with. There are a lot of style combinations and you can play with textures and prints as you go along. Try pairing your solid-colored hijab with a floral printed maxi dress. You can also choose the other way around. If you’re a jacket type of person then definitely throw in a denim jacket.




It seems tricky to style a hijab but here’s the trick: Think of it as an accessory, something that should complement your outfit, something that works like a cap, bandana or a beanie. It’s like the headscarf Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy used to sport, only it’s in full swing.

So calling all our hijab-wearing sisters, the hijab party is definitely on, thanks to #NewYorkFashionWeek!







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