11 JULY 2017




It is the oldest story in our books: being seventeen. It is the ambivalent point of one’s maturity: of excitement and enticement, of falling in love and falling out of love, of experimenting style and building personality.


But it’s not at all just about sugar and everything nice: the spice raises our own individuality. We deliver angst in poetry and music. We discover ourselves in characters we see in the coming-of-age and cult films. The seventeen-year-old learns from school, but takes more from experience and style. 


Perhaps style is our best takeaway at seventeen. For when we are on the verge of freedom, here is where we establish what we truly are, and what we want to become.


“When we’re talking about style, we’re talking about originality and uniqueness. It’s not just about fashion, following the trend, or copying your favorite celebrity. It’s about expressing oneself and being confident with it. Without having to say any word, our style basically defines who we are,” says Cristeta Longey from the UB Senior High School who made it to the honor roll, sometimes trading her black school shoes for heels when she’s walking local runways. 






Binge-watches: One Piece, Game of Thrones

Binge-reads: The Bible (KJV), mystery novels

Comfort track: Nothing in particular, but I love listening to songs by LANY

Comfort activity: Eating!

Listens to a lot of: Chill music

Style principle: Dress for yourself and not for someone else.

Style history: When I was a kid, I loved watching Barbie and Disney princess movies. I really adore how fashionable and artistic they can be with their clothes. At that age I already loved dressing up. At 16, I developed my own personal style.

Favorite style item: Necklace. I remember one time when I was out and realized I wasn't wearing one. I kind of panicked and bought one.

Favorite go-to look/3-piece style outfit: Shirt/sleeveless, leggings, and rubber shoes. It’s simple and it's comfortable.

Style icon: Bretman Rock. He totally slays all the outfits he wea­rs.





















Things are going tough to soft this week as Cris takes us on a three-ensemble experience with her interestingly varied style choices.

So how can you go from Bad Girl Riri to Park Shin-hye? Read on. 



The black leather/moto jacket is a statement piece that toughens up everything it’s paired with – may it be a flowy dress, a body-hugging LBD, even more fiery when matched with black skinnies and combat/chunky boots. For Cris, she opted to go for the latter, which she wore with a body-fitting top. As an alternative, you can go for a printed or light-colored top underneath; it doesn’t really take away the fierceness of the look. Throw on some accessories (or not) and you are ready for the day (or night). Now, what makes Bad Girl Riri Bad Girl Riri is her confidence – don’t forget to take your confidence with you, lady. It’s all about you and your style, not what other people think.



We all have those days when we feel slouchy and just want to wear something slouchy. Luckily for stylish souls, toning down has never been more exciting. Our girl’s ensemble bends on the softer side of things, one which upholds the premise that comfort and style can go together.


A major consideration in pulling off a look that seems not-so-thought-out but highly stylish is your choice of colors, textures and patterns.  A plain white top paired with printed or plain culottes will make an interesting ensemble. You may also go for a pastel-on-pastel combination. As an alternative, instead of culottes, you may choose to throw on a midi skirt.


In playing with patterns and prints, the safest code to adhere to would be to pair something printed with something plain. That way, you won’t get soaked in rains of patterns and can achieve the balance that every outfit should have. 


Finally, complete the look with white sneakers or open-toe sandals – it depends on your activities for the day.


Every style lover knows the default principle for the comfort + style game: build your look around comfort. Rid the need for form-fitting clothes by letting oversized pieces do the talking. The three go-to pieces? Basic tee/sleeveless shirt underneath an oversized top paired with skinnies or leggings. It’s highly interesting how it can be breathtakingly stylish at the same time comfortable. 




Featured Photographer



Sue Ellen Cubing shot this week’s images for Campus Lookbook.We’re going a little deeper into her soul this time.


What’s your idea of a good photograph?
A good photograph shouldn’t only be aesthetically pleasing – it must be able to capture both the eyes and the heart of the one looking at it. A good photo is able to make you feel something, like a song when you hear it. It makes you wonder what it must have been like when that photo was taken – the atmosphere, the scene, etc.

How about an effective photograph?
An effective photograph is one that is able to convey a message – an emotion, a passion for something, a beautiful moment...

What is photography teaching you?
Photography keeps on teaching me that no moment in life happens twice. Yes, there are similar moments but never exactly the same. That’s actually why I’m so into capturing photos, because I know that a moment can’t happen again exactly the same way it did before… Photography teaches me to cherish moments even more.

Three life lessons you learned the hardest:
1. Being responsible
2. The art of ignoring toxic people
3. Avoiding impulsiveness

You just had your birthday. What was your major realization?
Everyone has their own pace in life. Sometimes it may seem people are ahead of you or vice versa but I realized we all just have our own “life clocks”.

How do you stay inspired?

When I’m having what I feel like is the worst day of my life, I don’t wallow on it. Bad days are part of being human. I remind myself that bad days are essential for me to appreciate the good ones and even the ordinary ones that I take for granted at times. Whenever I’m down I try to just shrug the negative feeling off my shoulders and continue to do the things that inspire me, the little things that keep me fueled like taking pictures, writing my thoughts and remembering the people who love me so dearly and how each of them puts a unique spice in my life.





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