03 APRIL 2017

Three Things I Learned from Doing Lookbook




Editor’s Note: In March last year, the crew behind Faces of UB: Campus Backstories launched Campus Lookbook, a style blog dedicated to exploring the UBian wardrobe, style and individuality. Twelve months from when the project started, guest style blogger Alianah Yen shares what she has learned and continues to learn from doing the project.



1) Each individual we feature is very unique from the other, and I’ve come to appreciate the quirkiness and weirdness of each (in a good context). Their love of style is not just being about superficial or vain. It’s something more than that. Fashion is an art that we can use to express ourselves, our passions, aesthetics and moods, whether you are classy, sassy, or a little bit smart assy J.


2) Behind every blog post is a team hard at work.

The effort that the team puts into every post is just amazing. It made me realize that effort and time must be put into something for that really good output. Also, I now believe that social media is one of the most powerful platforms of influence that we have today, especially for this generation. However, it is in our intentions on how we want to use such power that makes the difference. We have to decisively think about what we post online because it will be there forever. The Internet is, after all, a gold mine.


3) Lookbook has profoundly made me a better person.

Through it, I was able to see the good in everyone. But the best thing ever is that it made me see the good in myself, that I can be a part of something special and be able to influence people. It has made me become the social butterfly I am today and it has taught me to not take things for granted. There is happiness in doing the things you love and enjoy. I am undeniably happy that I get to meet different kinds of people and share the same passion with them. Lookbook is everything rolled into one for me. A pure bliss.





Style Tips

You don’t have to worry about getting late for class when you’ve already planned a week’s worth of outfits. You can still hit that snooze button to catch some more Zs.

·        Definitely check the weather forecast. You would want to be comfortable and ready for the elements while looking fabulous.

·        Think about the week and what activities you have ahead.

·        When planning an outfit, make a flat lay or lay out the pieces you want to put together to get a preview of what you’ll be rocking for the day.

·        Choose the foundation for your outfits. You can pick between a dress, skirt, or pants.

·        Make sure that you have variety in your outfits.

·        Amp up your look by incorporating accessories into your outfits. Don’t overdo it. Always try to edit your outfit when you get the chance.

·        Choose your shoes. When in doubt, it’s your safest bet to choose black, white, or nude. You can also choose a color that is similar to one of your accessories (belt, watch, etc.)

·        Pick the type of jacket that goes with your outfit when it gets cold. You may prefer a long cardigan with your dress or a leather jacket with your skirt. 

·        Take risks. There’s nothing to lose when you want to risk wearing something you’re not quite sure about. It might surprise you that you might actually like it.


Noah, who we first featured in our fourth post, also shared some of his insights on magnifying your individuality.



Style Tips

·        In buying pieces, consider quality over quantity.

·        Do push-ups everyday especially in the morning. Take it from me – it boosts your confidence. Also, it shapes your shoulders so that they appear wider. (There are certain types of clothing that require picking up your shoulders while walking.)

·        Don’t be strapped on only one style category. Diversify your style. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

·        Give the outfit your own touch. Some jeans need resizing so they can fit you perfectly.

·        Every time you leave the house and people start giving that “hmmm” stare, you know you succeeded in putting the perfect outfit for the day.



From the Campus Lookbook Crew 


Whenever you scroll at a Campus Lookbook post, you’re looking at more than just images and words. You are looking at hours of contemplation. You are looking at weeks of labor. You are looking at a piece of a heart, a part of a soul.


For every image that’s published, dozens more have been rejected and go unpublished. For every style tip that’s given, dozens more have been scrapped and written off. And for every post that’s uploaded, we risk unforgiving judgments. Yet in every click of the shutter, we feel alive.


Every image that’s put out is carefully studied. Every style tip is consciously premeditated. Even the sequence of the photos is precisely considered.


Whenever you feel a tinge of joy, whenever you feel awe or wonder, whenever you derive a surge of inspiration from looking at the posts, know that you just gave the crew another reason to keep rolling. X

 Fashion [is a] part of our human condition. It’s tribal and social and personal… It’s quite profound.”

– Helen Mirren






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