07 JUNE 2017







 versace /verˈsɑtʃe/ adjective, noun hipster’s dictionary: dope, swag






Binge-watches: Friends, The Office, 13 Reasons Why

Comfort tracks: “iSpy” by Kyle, “Only One” by Kanye West

Listens to a lot of: Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Lil Dicky, Lil Boat

Style principle: Comfort over style

Style history: It started when I first saw Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up.” I copied the baggy clothes, the versace and the lifestyle. Then it moved to Nelly matching his shirt with his shoes to his hats. I copied that, too. And then it was Kanye West wearing pink polos and backpacks. And finally after all those transitions I finally had my own sense of fashion.

Caught the fashion bug at age: 14

Favorite style item: Hat

Style icon: Brian Puspos





Hipsters... They ooze confidence, and they dress a little untraditionally or unconventionally. Think Kanye West.

To all hipsters out there, here are some style tips you can use.




For tops: For a hipster ensemble, there are various ranges of tops to consider. A band or graphic shirt is always a must. Another is the flannel or checkered top. You can wear it with a basic T and jeans that would complement the colors on the flannel. Wearing it with clean and slick sneakers would be a good choice. But if you really want to capture that hipster vibe, you may opt to choose boots instead. Throw on a jacket to add volume to your look, as volume is a major component of a hipster look. 


For bottoms: Choosing a unique and out-of-the-ordinary pair would definitely achieve that hipster look you want. Some of your choices can include ripped jeans, chinos, straight leg jeans or skinnies. But for skinny jeans, it may destroy a look when not used correctly. If you’re not really into skinnies, wear straight leg jeans with turned-up hems instead.





A pair of boots is a staple piece in a hipster’s closet. You can wear it any season you want. (A hipster dresses unconventionally so, yeah, wear it any season. J) Any type of boots of your choice will work. That’s right. Any type. You’re a hipster after all – you transcend fashion borders.




Featured Photographer




This week’s images were shot by Sue Ellen Cubing, who we first featured in our April 20 post. This is her second stint with Lookbook.


What does your dream shoot look like? Something that’s very feminine – lots of flowers, the dreamy, vintage feels. I’ve always had a thing for everything rosy and classic.

Current obsessionMoana!!! I’ve only watched it last month and I fell in love with it and all the characters; I have actually memorized all the songs on it.

Something you learned from the shoot: You must really have an eye for good angles and location, especially if you’re working within limited time and location. But the most important thing is to have fun.

The last song you performed live for an audience: “Put Your Records On” by Corrine Bailey Rae, an all-time favorite.






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