Random Musings about Life



What differentiates man from animals is the ability to look forward to tomorrow and to look beyond the externals. Man can see beauty in a flower and think of either God or a loved one or love itself; a beast will see the flower as something that’s either good to eat or not. These two creatures both possess life but their distinction lies in their level of consciousness and that is the ability to know. This special gift can only be found in humans.



Life is short. And oddly enough, it is much shorter for those whose lives they find meaningful while it is too long for those whose lives they find meaningless. Yet life is vast, so full of mysteries that before I can even put meaning to my own life, part of it is already gone. It offers everything.



For me, life has something to do with grace. For some people, life is seemingly nothing because they tend to ignore the uniqueness of oneself. Unconsciously, they forget that each person is endowed with grace. God has entrusted this life to you because you have a special service to do, which no one else can render. God created each of us with a great purpose. This purpose can only be found inside our hearts like a heart full of love, which enables us to grow as an individual. People might get tired of life and would even find it miserable and feel unloved because they disregard the stillness of God’s love for us. They don’t acknowledge and appreciate the goodness of oneself. They even try doing something but would only end up with nothing.



Our society is full of models and examples of people who have embraced life. To discover which model one has to choose, one need not look outside himself. Instead, one should look into his heart. If he does, he will surely discover passions and drives that are either constructive or destructive; his capacity to love and hate, to possess or give, to build or destroy, to forgive or avenge. When he chooses what is positive and shuns away what is negative, he will naturally discover what model or example to embrace. Little by little, this discovery will eventually change his perception gradually and will become new.



I was able to welcome and acknowledge the failures and rejections in my life, which I believe aided me in building my foundation of faith to become unconditionally self-giving. This is because I am graced by God. I have better understood that I was called to greatness – greatness in my own little way. Moreover, I have realized that God’s grace can also mean being grateful and purposeful. Above all, as long as you have a heart filled with compassion, humility, and service, you will always feel that God graces your life.



 Rajah Lyvester Dizon, School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts 




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