Random Thoughts


So many thoughts, yet so little words.


Four years – short for the things that we still need to know.


Four years – not enough for the things that we still need to experience.


Four years, it’s hard to bid goodbye; it’s easier to share a story.


One of the things I learned in college is that, what I have now may no longer be here tomorrow. I’m not being arrogant, but I’m proud that I was given a lot of responsibilities as a student. I feel lucky that I was not one of those passive students.


I want to share my thoughts on the contention that grades don’t define you as a person. When you apply for a job, you will be evaluated through your resume. The employer will not immediately see that you are a kind, that you tame dogs, or that you are a religious person. Your employer will look at your academic performance first and foremost.


Another thing that I have realized is that if you’re not intelligent enough, at least be industrious enough. Next, we can only achieve gold through hard work, trust in oneself, and faith in God.


I also would like to share my idea on the belief that money can’t buy us happiness. For me, it can. With money, I can buy my favorite food and then I’m happy. I can treat my friends to a food trip and that would give me happiness. In a way, money does afford us happiness.


On “love,” I find it annoying when students regard love as their priority and their grades are all red.


I will miss this school and all the aspects of being a student. But I need to move forward for the new chapter. There are things we have to leave to achieve our dreams, so bring it on, life!


– Frederick Villanueva, School of Teacher Education










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