Signing off…

 (Photo courtesy of James Patrick Aquino) 




I have been part of the technical crew, mostly as a cameraman, that cover the university’s graduation ceremonies for the past three years.



I have seen the tears of overwhelming joy fall from the eyes of the graduates and their parents.



I have seen two inseparable bestfriends hug very tightly.



I have seen the graduates relish the moment as they raise their phones to what their arms can reach so that they could take groupies and selfies one last time.



I have seen these heartwarming scenes, and I am very much overjoyed that I don’t just get to see them this May. I get to experience them myself.



From a student behind the camera, I will now be one of the graduates who will be, literally, caught by the camera I used to operate.



Thankful to God as I am today, I am but a humble graduate ready to take on the world and open new doors.



This is James Aquino, signing off…



– James Patrick Aquino, School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences




The coverage team after the ceremonies

(Photo courtesy of James Patrick Aquino) 







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