The Road to Healing



Love is defined by people according to their own share of memories and experiences. For teenagers, love is as sweet as chocolate. For married couples, it is challenging yet consoling. For the old, it is as lasting as diamonds, forever.



Love has its own time, its own season and its own reason for coming and going. It always has its inherent mysteries. It is a mystery why we fall in love – when it comes, how it happens, and why some relationships grow and others fail. When love comes to us, we try to hold on it as firmly as we can, blind to the reality that just as life is a gift that comes and goes, so does love. Nothing is permanent in this world. Everything is bound to change.



Inevitably, we humans naturally fall in love which also leads us to be hurt. However, when we are hurt, we are also brought into a new consciousness.



I also fell in love. Eventually, I failed in a relationship. Such experience moved me to formulate these simple solutions on how to move on.



People say nursing a broken heart by expression of emotion is the beginning of the healing process. How do you do this? First, be true to yourself. Cry, and you will feel better after. Express your hurt feelings instead of keeping them bottled up inside. The process will allow healing to begin. Gradually, it will cleanse your heart, even your soul.



However, don’t let yourself be drowned by your grieving. Try to talk to someone you trust, someone who truly loves you, cares for you, and understands you. The conversation will lighten up the pain, and can help clarify your thinking. And in the conversation you might receive some wise advice.



For believers, talk to God through prayer. It serves as a good vehicle to seeing yourself in a deeper way and connecting with your inner self and with the Creator.



Creative expression and adventure are also a good way to move on. Explore new things. Go out with your friends. Unmindfully you will forget your broken-heartedness. Along the way, however, you might find yourself lost from your goals. But such is part of the process. You have got to continue to traverse the road to healing.



Also, the brokenness can be eradicated through change of perspective. I try to find reasons to be happy, especially in unhappy situations. I have also learned to be happy with what others would consider as little things, like taking a bath, writing on my journal, brushing my teeth, eating my snack, etc.



Finally, play up your most beautiful asset. This does not only limit to the physical attributes but also to the most beautiful and admirable characteristic that is in you. Eventually, this will not only become a head-turner or an eye-catcher but also an attraction of a new love. The key here is simple yet rich. It is to love yourself no matter who you are or what your past may have been. In this way, you will be lovable to everyone. Consequently, love will also surely and definitely find its way to you.



 Rajah Lyvester Dizon, School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts 




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