What If


There are lots of questions and ideas that come into my mind every day. These things drive me crazy, especially the “What if” questions.


What if animals become human and humans become animals? I think animals would do the worst in treating us. We can’t blame them; some people are cruel to animals. At any rate, we are lucky that we’re humans, the species blessed with a thinking brain. We survive because we are the fittest of all as this world is literally about the survival of the fittest.


On the issue on climate change, the way I see it, man hastened it when he started burning fossil fuels and when he started to populate the Earth – and continues to do so. Maybe if our ancestors have learned about global warming during their time, things would be different now.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that, don’t let the “what if’s” stay as “what if’s”. Let’s start to think about what we can do instead.


– Frederick Villanueva, School of Teacher Education










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