Pamela & Patricia



“We were constantly moving. We would hop from one city to another, attend a school for just a year and then leave. It’s because of dad’s work – his job would require us to move frequently. Oh, and yes, we’re twins.” 


“We settled the longest here in UB – we’re taking Nursing. We’re seniors now, so that’s a record for us.


Patricia (in scrub suit): “Being twins is a blessing as much as a curse. I remember reporting back to school after having been sick. So I went to the office and asked for an excuse form. The one in charge met me with sternness. He said, ‘It’s you again. Same excuse for being absent. You just asked for a form the other day.’ But that was my first time ever to take a form. Well, I told him my twin sister was the one who took the form the day before because she, too, was sick. He was taken aback. That was in high school.”


Pamela (in Nursing uniform): “There was this one time when she couldn’t make it to school because she was too sick. It was in the primary grade or high school – I don’t remember. Anyway, my dad asked me to take the classes for her. It’s interestingly funny because the teachers were not able to notice it. She passed the subjects at the end of the academic year.”


“One time, during our OJT for Nursing, I was heading out because my duty was just finished. I was 7 – 3; Pat was 3 – 11. Our clinical instructor came up and said, in an annoyed tone, ‘I thought I told you not to check in yet.’ I learned afterwards she thought I was my sister who was up for the next round of duty.”


Patricia: “It’s ironic that we are constantly being compared to each other when we exactly look the same. Mom would let us stand next to each other and go, ‘This is Pam; this one is Pat. They’re twins. Who’s prettier?’ It’s nuts.”


Pamela: “But, yeah, there is a reason for comparison, I think. I am more reserved, she’s the outrageous one. I’m more of an academic type, she likes goofing around. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse; she wanted to fly a plane. She took Nursing because it’s what dad said. She has learned to love it somehow.”


“Being twins makes us feel kind of special. Not a lot of people have twins. We’re rare, so yeah it’s cool.”




 Interview & Text by RONA LIN








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