Roxanne & Kurl

Roxanne Kurl


Kurl: “We played three games. The first two – they were played at the competing team’s home court. They were banging their drums. The cheers were loud. When you’re there, it can whack your self-confidence; it can ruin your game. But I guess we got in there prepared.”


Roxanne: “During the second game in the finals – we did two games – it became really intense. It also got more exciting. The rally was electrifying. It was a good match.”


What do you think made you win the championship?

Roxanne: “Communication, determination and perseverance.”

Kurl: “Teamwork, communication and trust.”


What was the other team’s advantage over your team?

Roxanne: “They had great offense. Our team needs to work on our offensive systems.”

Kurl: “Swag. They had this blazing confidence. And I think such is needed in competitions. It somehow gives you the feeling you’re about to win, which should be every athlete’s attitude. The drive to win can do the trick.”


What has volleyball taught you?

Roxanne: “That you need a lot of discipline and patience to hit your target. Without those two, you will have a hard time dealing with life. When I was beginning, I would get yelled at on a regular basis. Well, it’s how I learned – I needed to be reminded everyday that I had to be better.”


“Volleyball gives me some sense of achievement. But sometimes when you have a bad play, you end up disappointing people, and what gives you joy ends up being a curse.”


Kurl: “Volleyball has taught me trust. You can’t do everything on your own. You’ve got to trust others. And it’s not really how big the game is – it’s how big your heart is for the game.”





 Interview & Text by RONA LIN








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