“I’m an exchange student from Japan. I’ve been here for five months now. I’m a Buddhist, but I read the Bible.”



“It actually happened here in UB. One time, while passing the time waiting for my next class, I thought I had to do something else. So I decided to try the Bible. The next time I opened it, it just got all the more interesting. I’m still reading through the Old Testament.”



“Total devotion to your religion is not a big deal among the Japanese. In Japan, Buddhists can marry in a Christian ceremony, but funerals must be in Buddhist ritual. During christening, the Shinto tradition is followed.”



What is Shinto?

“Shinto is the ethnic religion of the Japanese people. It is as old as the Japanese culture.”



“I have two younger brothers, 18 and 16. The biggest moment in my life was when I went to Thailand to visit poor children. I’m pretty much drawn to understanding social conditions and in studying social development. I major in Economics back in Japan.”



“I love metal music. I love how ‘human’ metal songs are.”



What’s your biggest question in life?

“I’m thinking wild beasts… people in wars. I guess my biggest question is, why do people fight until nothing is left of us?”


“Maybe the key is for us to understand the differences between cultures and to accept such differences. That, I think, could help make this world a better place – even just a little better.”






 Interview & Text by RONA LIN







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