Arvin finished as Top 10 nationwide in the September 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers.



“We all find that place that makes us feel alive, that sets our soul on fire, and we just soar. For me, it was UB that did so. I came from another university, and in there I didn’t have the chance to discover my potentials. Everyone has potentials and you just have to be hopeful that somehow you’ll find the perfect time and place for those potentials to be uncovered.”


“Believing in yourself – there’s a certain kind of power in it. It teaches you to be brave and courageous, to rise above grinding self-doubt and carry on, even when it’s scary.”


Has something changed?

“Not much, really. I mean, you know, still the same enthusiasm to teach and make a difference; same friends , same people – the same people that I knew before the examination are the same people I still know after the examination. That shouldn’t change, you know.”


“I guess it’s just a label – being a topnotcher. It shouldn’t make you feel that you’re better than other people. At the end of the day, we are all bound by being human – flawed and imperfect. We all breathe the same air, we all have our and hopes and aspirations and frustrations, and somewhere in our humanity I believe there’s that drive in each of us to contribute something worthwhile and make the world around us a little better.”


To you, what are the three things that enable someone to achieve? 

“An open mind, humility, and hard work.”


“You cannot undermine the immense value of having an open mind – it’s how new ideas get in. When you listen, your perspective becomes broader, you get a bigger picture of things, and it drives things to turn out better. Listening makes you see the diversity in the things around you and the individuality in each person and that’s just beautiful.”


“On staying grounded, it’s when you start thinking you’re better than everyone else that you start to fail. Finally – and this is just as important – nothing really beats hard work.”




Interview & Text by RONA LIN






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