Chelsea is taking Bachelor of Elementary Education  Special Education in the University.


“I was inspired by my sister. She’s 12, and she was diagnosed last year. She has a learning disability. She has speech impairment. She wants to be a pre-school teacher or a nurse.” 


“I think when you have a member of the family that has special needs, you have this strength that just sort of re-charges itself whenever it fizzles out. It’s a special kind of strength, and it’s just amazing.” 


“I know that she’s in pain when she cries. It pierces my heart when I see her like that. It's like, I just want to hold her close to my chest and stay like that forever, so that she may never have to know the word ‘cruel.’ I wish I could protect her forever. I know it’s not possible. I could only take care of her for as long as I live.” 


Complete the statement: If I had superpowers…

“If I had superpowers, I’d use it to see the future, so I can prepare for all the battles that I’m bound to fight.” 


But it doesn’t work that way.

“Yeah, it doesn’t. We can only put our faith in God and trust that everything happens for a reason.”




 Interview & Text by RONA LIN










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