Dr. Armando Castañeda




“The Halloween Parade was conceived with the idea of gathering the UB community, which will highlight the spirit of community and the culture of family in the University.” 



“It is actually a revamp of the torch parade that UB used to do back in the ‘80s. I thought it would be great to make such spirit of community alive and distinct again – the administrators, faculty, non-teaching staff and the students coming together. It’s something that you find distinct in UB, and I’m proud of that.”




“We could have thought of another event other than Halloween, but Halloween teaches us that learning can also happen in the most unlikely avenues and in the most unusual ways. With the parade, we learn about cultural variation. On a profound level, it teaches us respect, understanding, and appreciation of others’ practices and ways of doing things, and that’s something that is not learned inside the classroom straightaway. As an educational institution, you have to look for ways to work and see things in a dynamic lens, and that, I think, is a relevant principle every university should operate on.”





Interview & Text by RONA LIN






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