Erna & Jigz




“Let us speak about love. Let us talk about true love, the kind that is always growing and shaping the world and making mankind wiser.” – Paulo Coelho, “The Pilgrimage”



“I once gave her a bouquet of flowers worth P2,500 for Valentine’s. After handing her the bouquet, I waited for her to thank me. Instead, she sulked and said, ‘Ibinili mo na lang sana ng pagkain. Sayang ‘yung pera.’ I  was speechless. So now I’ll just give her red balloons. What's that expression they always say? It's the thought that counts.



“Every love story is different. Ours is not of the spectacular type, but it’s something that renders some of the many the mysteries of love.”



“We met at a class, microcomputer technology. In one of our PE subjects, we were sparring partners. She broke my collar bone. You bet that started it all.”



“We would talk for long hours, and we won't run out of something to talk about. The walks were long, but they were never tiring. You’ll know you’ve found the one when it starts feeling like you vibrate the same frequency.”



“Prior to meeting her, I was in a relationship. The relationship had been running for quite a long time you’d think, ‘This is it.’ But then the puzzles of love will hound you and you will run into another girl. I ran into Erna. Sometimes you meet someone out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they make you feel alive.”



“There will be fights. There will be angry stares. There will be silent moments – the nasty kind. But we can only roll with them for it is through them that we can truly experience and understand love. It’s impossible to put into words the idea of love – its secrets, complexities, its odd nature. We can only experience it, feel it. ”



“You see, love is a beautiful thing. It makes you ecstatic. It makes you dream. It pumps you up. It breaks you. It makes you learn. It makes you tougher. It makes you better.



When you love, you’ll never be the same again. When you love, you don’t ask for something in return. You bare your soul, and there’s nothing more beautiful and selfless than that.”





 Interview & Text by RONA LIN






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