“I honestly didn’t think I could be on the Top 10. I even thought I wouldn’t cut it. But luck happens, so I guess I really got very lucky.


“It was surreal. It was unbelievable – crazy unbelievable. When I got the news, I couldn’t believe it. It was moments later that it began to sink in.”


“On a profound note, you just have to believe in yourself – and God. That’s as far as I can go on conquering something you think is too huge for you to even think about.”


There aren’t a lot of women in engineering. What’s your take on that?

“All the more exciting and interesting because it will be, like, there are many fish in the sea… No, but seriously, I think women have this unassailable strength that comes from within and I believe the foundation of strength is that which comes from the inside. You don’t only measure strength by how strong your body is – you’ve got to be mentally strong, you’ve got to be emotionally strong. I can’t box it in a term but such strength, I think, is what will sustain you to the end. It’s what makes you a real toughie.”


Apart from engineering, what have you always wanted to explore about?

 “I have always been interested in linguistics, in writing, in literature. I’m fascinated with the power of literature – every single power it assumes on every single person. I love how it makes us name every emotion we feel, how it makes the world new again, how it brings hope.”


Any advice on pulling though?

 “Hard work – just hard work. It makes things possible.”





 Interview & Text by RONA LIN










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