Jomar finished as a silver medalist in the World Universiade 2017 – Wushu Sanda competition held in Taiwan.


“This is my first competition outside of the country, and I consider myself lucky that I was able to finish strong. I was among the estimated 10,000 athletes from 183 countries who participated in the event. All glory to the One above.”


“Moments after the weigh-in for the final match, I had fever.  But you know what they say – the show must go on. I faced China’s representative, and I finished second. In every moment of unease, you have the choice to carry on or walk away. If you choose to walk away, you choose to be brittle. If you choose to carry on, you welcome the chance to grow and become better. And whether you have won or lost, the experience made you braver.”



“I think that one important thing we all have to learn from playing a sport is that losing is part of the game. In losing, you learn to keep going. Losing gives you an avenue for wisdom, reflection, and understanding – understanding that you don’t always get to win and that’s just how it is. It teaches you grace and humility in bearing and accepting defeat.”




Interview & Text by RONA LIN






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