In this weeks feature, we give tribute to literature – its power and beauty. Pamela is currently working on her first book, which when published will be another addition to the list of books written by UB students.


“I’m currently taking AB English. I’m fascinated with literature. Before I enrolled AB English, I was taking architecture. It’s what my dad wanted. I even took my apprenticeship. But then I always felt like it wasn’t for me.”


“I love books. I love to read. I don’t think I can overemphasize that enough. You can time-travel to any period in time, which will deepen your understanding of people and the world. They say travelling broadens the mind. I believe in that, and reading gives you that.”


“Through reading, you’ll see that magic can be real. I am that person who’s always wanted to see magic her entire life, like that little boy who lives in a cupboard under the stairs who was suddenly touched by magic.”



What books are on the top of your list?

“Harry Potter, Bossy Pants, and Sylvia Plath’s works.”




If you were to hang out with your favorite writers, who would they be?

“I’d go with JK Rowling, Tina Fey, Richard Dawkins, and Sylvia Plath.”



Let’s talk about your being vegan.

“It started nearly six years ago, when a friend brought dog meat in my house. Something dawned on me that moment – that there is nothing humane about slaughtering animals. We have a choice, and I choose not to contribute to the suffering of animals.



“I had a hard time making the switch, especially that I didn’t become one gradually. I’m a meat-eater one day and then vegan the next day. But I haven’t been to the hospital since then. Before, I was often at the hospital. And one more thing, I don’t have to put a lot of effort into staying lean.”




You maintain a blog.

“I do. Blogging gives me relief and catharsis.  I blog about life, books, beauty, animals, being vegan, anything my audience could relate to, which is actually a challenge. But I do get a few e-mails every now and then. I get messages from people sharing their own stories, telling me how much they love my writing, and it feels good knowing that there are girls from the across the globe who are going through or who have gone through the same things I did. It makes you feel like you are not alone.”




You’re currently working on your first book.

“I have always wanted to write. To touch people with the written word is what compels me to write. I’ve been working on the book for three years now. It’s called “It’s a Girl Thing.” It’s a memoir and it’s about the power of being a girl and growing up, one thing that most adult writers forget.”



“We all have a voice, and I believe that all of us have the power to produce our own thoughts onto a piece of paper… Never underestimate the power of a blank sheet of paper.”




In your case, what’s the worst part of writing?

“When your mind becomes barren and you cannot produce anything. Anything substantial, or witty. So I read, read, read until I get some inspiration to write.”




And the best part?

“Unexpectedly producing words, having the visuals of what you want to write, and crafting something that resonates with people.”




Your words to all budding writers...
“Read what you want to write and write what you want to read. Don’t force yourself to write content just because it’s the trend. Be yourself. And don’t stop. It takes a while; just be patient.” 




Pamela started dancing at 12 and was part of her high school dance crew. She once served as one of Sarah Geronimo's back-up dancers, also performing in front of former Vice President Noli de Castro. She was part of her high school basketball varsity team, and she finished as Top 6 in a nationwide talent search when she was 16. On account of that, she took modeling jobs. On modeling and writing, she says:


“A makeover can be done in 30 minutes. Writing? Takes years.”












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