Ryan, together with his friends, makes funny videos and shares them online. 


“I wouldn’t say what I do is deeply important – like rocket science level – but I believe laughter is as important as breathing air. I believe the world needs those who make things a little lighter, more bearable.” 


“It started as a project for our Electronic Media 2 subject. We thought we should work on something that was different, something that wasn’t basic, something that was fun. So we did the ‘selfie with a stranger’ video. We uploaded the video on Facebook. It was shared multiple times, until it reached the page of Astig ng Baguio, and then later on Filipino Vines.”


“We are five in the team. After the first video came out, we did six more – four were featured on Filipino Vines.”


How do you deal with the ‘haters’ and ‘judgers’?

“I try not to gravitate towards the nasty stuff. It’s more intelligent to focus on the good ones and instead work on becoming better.”


What’s your take on having a New Year’s resolution?

“I’m not big on it. You don’t have to wait for New Year to start something or get something done, do you?”


Now, for some ‘would-you-rather’… 

Would you rather live a peaceful life in the woods in a small cabin or a life of chaos in a mansion in a city?

“I'd go for peace and quiet. Tranquility, stillness – you can’t buy that, so I’m choosing the cabin.” 


Would you rather be transported permanently 500 years into the future or 500 years into the past?

“I’d choose 500 years into the future. I’d like to see how my children’s – and their descendants’, for that matter – lives would turn out. I’d like to see if somehow I did something right as a parent. I guess we all go through that profound moment in which we promise ourselves that when we have children we will strive to be better – in the hope that we can raise them right.”






Interview by RONA LIN 






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