“It took me longer than usual to finish college. But I guess it doesn’t matter how long it takes for someone to finish, does it?” 


“I’m from Iloilo. My schooling in there was like a long, slow pause. For a time, I put my studies off. It's one of those moments where you haven't yet caught the rhythm to do something fully. For one thing, I guess I have always been into other things.”


“During my time off from school, I considered embarking on interior design and photography. I did some travelling. Mom talked me into focusing on my studies. We made a deal. I told her I was interested in coming to Baguio. She said she was down with it – only if I promised her I’d get my schooling done. I said yes.”



“On why Baguio, one summer, I came for vacation. The climate reminded me of when I was in Korea during a fall vacation. I was like, ‘Man, people here are really lucky!’ You wake up to a chilly weather, get to spend hours in coffee shops, buy flowers, and can hit the streets on weekends even without taking a shower! The pine trees, the smell they give off – you could only dream about it. The coffee shops, the weather, the people – it all felt like home. I kind of instantly fell for the place. And then I had to leave. I told myself I needed to come back.”



“After having the conversation with my mom, I came to UB, where I met my people. You could say I caught my rhythm this time.”



“Last year, I learned I had to re-enroll one of my subjects. That meant I had to stay for one more year. When you’re close to finishing, and that happens, one year feels like forever. But I wasn't going to walk away. I chose to stay. Now it fills my heart that I have fulfilled my promise to my mom. In the end, it’s all about your persistence to push on that matters.”




This is the third in a three-part series showcasing the stories of some of the graduates of May 2018. 










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