Founder's Centennial Issue




The founders of the University of Baguio, Dr. Fernando Gonzaga Bautista and Rosa Castillo Bautista, were fondly called Tatay Nanding and Nanay Rosa. Tatay and Nanay participated actively in professional and civic organizations.  Tatay became the great Kaafuan of Benguet, the Baguio-Benguet delegate to the 1972 Constitutional Convention, President of organizations in the field of education and Philippine representative to many national, Asian and international sports events.  Nanay became president, treasurer and board member of many prestigious organizations. Both Tatay and Nanay were graduates of the Philippine Normal School, Manila known today as the Philippine Normal University and the University of the Philippines for their degrees in B.S.Ed. and M.A.Ed. Both of them served as teachers and principals in the Philippine public school system until 1946 when Tatay co-founded Baguio Colleges and Nanay served as the high school principal. Born in 1908, Tatay Nanding and his loving spouse, Nanay Rosa established Baguio Tech in 1948.



Kind of Issue: Commemorative

Denomination & Quantity: P7.00; 35,000 copies

Date of Issue: December 8, 2008

Last Day of Sale: December 7, 2009

Sheet Composition: 40 (10 x 4)

Size of Stamps: 40mm x 30mm

Perforation: 14

Printing Process: Litho-Offset

Paper: Imported Unwatermarked

Printer: AMstar Company, Inc.

Graphic Designer: Corazon T. Loza

Project Coordinators: Fernando-Rosa Bautista Foundation (Board of Trustees), Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak

Design: Fernando G. Bautista and University of Baguio




On August 7, 1969, Education Secretary O.D. Corpuz signed the University Charter, elevating Baguio Tech into the University of Baguio also called UB. Happily watching are from left, Superintendent Teofilo Gallarda, Assistant Director Pablo Mateo, Director Narciso Albarracin, UB President Fernando G. Bautista, PACU Secretary Amado Dizon and UB Vice-President Fer C. Bautista.


At his formal installation as first president of the University of Baguio, Dr. Fernando G. Bautista reminded everyone that, "unless the Lord built the house, they labor in vain that built it. I pray that we shall not falter in our service to the young people."


Slowly but surely the University of Baguio has grown to become one of the outstanding institutions in Northern Luzon with buildings rising one by one as shown on the graphic layout of the UB site.


The University of Baguio rose in the City landscape as the vision of Tatay Nanding with Nanay Rosa as the ever guiding spirit beside him.


Being true educators. Tatay and Nanay harnessed the talents of their sons, Bnn the architect, designed many UB buildings. Fer, Rhey, and Gil served as presidents of the school; Herr, Des and Jojo along with their parents and the four brothers mentioned served as members or officers of the board of trustees.




In 2001, the mentor and guide of many, Lolo Tatay called his granchildren to learn and participate as members of the board. This 2008, Herr is UB president, and Des is chairman of the board with Lolo Tatay's grandchildren as members.


The vision, strength and perseverance of Tatay and Nanay served millons of stakeholders through the University of Baguio that stands today.


The Fernando-Rosa Bautista Foundation perpetuates the ideals, aspiration and human efforts of Tatay and Nanay. The foundation is likened to a steward for the welfare of the City of Baguio and the Province of Benguet. The FRB Foundation is geared toward moral, spiritual, intellectual and financial growth and development of deserving individuals, especially in the field of instruction and administration.  Continuing in the spirit of service, the FRB Foundation has Lolo Tatay's and Lola Nanay's grandchildren at its helm.





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