Parenting Webinar


The University of Baguio continues to envision itself as an institution committed to the provision of quality education to its students amidst the challenges brought by the “new normal”. As such, it has sought to reach out to the parents, who has always served as a partner to the realization of this vision; through a parenting webinar.

The collaborative activity between the Linkages Office, UBAFI and CCSD held last February 6. 2021 was graced by an alumna from UBSHS, Ms. Laarni Lei A. Bernardo, MSGC, GFT as the resource speaker. It aimed to empower the participants as regards how to encourage and motivate their child to pursue education in the new normal, establishing positive learning conditions at home, and creating learning routines in a non-scholastic environment. Around 156 parents were able to participate and were reminded that when it comes to parenting, “there is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real one”. These powerful words served as a timely reminder that parental support remains essential in the overall development of a student.




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