01 MARCH 2019







Each year, diverse New Year celebrations are held around the world. There’s the January 1st celebration, which is probably the most widely observed. And then there’s the Chinese New Year, celebrated in February. The Persians – or Iranians – welcome the new year (which they call Nowruz, which means “new day”) in March. These traditions usher in a new beginning. They are a period of celebration, reflection, and rebirth.  


And so in anticipation of the Iranian New Year, we’re having some kick-off with Maral here, who hails from Iran, the seat of one of the world’s oldest civilizations.






Currently addicted to: Glitter. And all things that shine.

Listens to a lot of: Alan Watts, Lana Del Rey

Comfort track: “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” by Paloma Faith

Binge-reads: I'm not going to lie. I just read school books now – that's what Dentistry does to you.

Binge-watches: The Godfather – I've literally watched the entire trilogy, like, four times.

Comfort activities: Hiking and camping. Nature gives me energy, helps me calm my spirit. I really love the beach as well.

Style history: I guess it all started with my mother (doesn't it always?). She's a fashion designer. Growing up, I'd look at magazines and fashion pages. As I grew older, I started throwing things together and gaining a style that speaks for me and shows my identity.

Style principle: Comfort is key. I never wear things I don't feel myself in. Confidence comes with being you in whatever you wear and being comfortable enough to move around and enjoy. What's the point of looking good if you'll be self-conscious and irritated the whole time?

Style inspiration: I turn to Instagram. And Janine Gutierrez – she just looks great all the time!

Favorite go-to look: Sweat pants, hoodies, and sports shoes. I could wear it all day, everyday.

Favorite style items: Just give me good shoes and watches and I'll die happy.






The cold weather can make us just want to bundle up – but hey it doesn’t mean we have to resign ourselves from styling it all up. Now this ensemble is a reminder that the cold season can still mean fun when it comes to dressing up.





Grunge – thankfully – happens to be one of the most thrilling alternatives to get you through the cold season in style.

A pair of combat boots absolutely does the trick. After all, a great cold season outfit boils down to a great pair of boots.





The hat is another must-have item for the cold season. Throw on some Russian-inspired fur hat for an ensemble that’s both functional and stylish.    









 We’re transitioning from the cold season to summer, and the weather can get tricky throughout the day, so putting on some strategic top will help you navigate through the changing temperature. 







When the temperature drops in the evening, layering is definitely your go-to styling hack, and beige is one of those shades that will give your outfit instant sartorial elevation.






This outfit is stunningly reminiscent of Grace Kelly’s era. It brings us back to the ‘50s, one of the most iconic eras in fashion.

Fascinatingly, the ‘50s style has carried on until today.








A tattoo, like an outfit, is an emblem that forms part of the wearer’s individuality. Maral here has got a seahorse and waves inked on her.

Can you hear the ocean calling now? 











We showcase our individuality with the pieces and colors we wear. With each item we put on, we tell our story,

and in our style story this week, our Persian girl is unafraid to be unapologetic. xx












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