We are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which has changed – and continues to change – the world in many ways. In this feature, we take a glimpse into a student’s perspective and thoughts on what the pandemic is teaching us. 


“It’s like a yin-yang. On one side are the most profound sights of our humanity, at all levels of the society, manifested by so many people. On the other side are the ugliest things humans are capable of when confronted with the worst.”


“One thing I realized from all this is that, in times like this, everybody has to sacrifice. And it helps to see the bigger picture. We working together, thinking of others and not just ourselves – it’s our strongest shield against a crisis as huge as this.”


“The COVID-19 crisis is reminding us of our humanity. It’s reminding us that, with us looking after each other, being there for each other, and with us helping each other, things could take a turn for the better. Somehow we've seen some positive changes lately, and that's a good sign – a hopeful one – that eventually we will get through this for good.”


“Practically, COVID-19 has taught us the basic procedures for avoiding the spread of virus. It re-introduced to us the concept of social distancing and continues to remind us the massive effect of simple handwashing. It’s showing us the huge importance of following protocols and obeying authorities. These things might sound simple, but looking more closely, they yield profound, important impact.”


Let’s talk about the role of the Internet in this crisis, specifically the idea that, more than ever, the Internet has become everybody’s freedom wall, go-to outlet, a place where stuff of all sorts are indiscriminately tossed.

“Social media has been an essential platform in making everyone aware about the virus. It probably has been the core tool used in educating people and governments about how the virus can be contained. That’s certainly one of the biggest contributions of the digital space to modern society. But we can’t welcome such positive contributions without welcoming the negative ones.”


“There’s some kind of freedom in the Internet – in a sense we can describe such freedom as almost absolute. It is all the more for this reason that we have to use it responsibly. No matter how tired it sounds, this is something utterly important: Everybody has to be a responsible netizen. If you know it’ll just add unnecessary panic, you might as well reconsider posting or sharing it. And then there are those dubious news on social media. Let us try to be more vigilant and less gullible. Let us not feed the misinformation.”


With the latest executive order from the Office of the City Mayor, it looks like we have to stay at home for a little longer.

“That means we have to be a little more patient. It helps to look at it in a positive light. By not going out, we’re putting a stop to the massive loss of lives. By not going out, we’re giving the Earth a break; we’re helping breathe life back into our cities. By not going out, we’re helping all of Earth heal... Definitely, there are a lot of stuff we can do while being at home.”










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