Meet our Faculty and Staff

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Our SD Faculty and Staff

Acosta, Joseph M., DMD, MDE, Amansec, Crisanto M., MD, Bandaay, Ian Steve C., DMD, MM-HS, Bungaoen, Geraldin O.,DMD,MDE, Cantor, Ma. Lourdes E., DMD MDE, MAEd, Ed.D, Chinjen, Nerissia Mitchell, MD, MIH, Colorada Cresente  S, BS Mechatronics, Cuntig, Joy Lane N., DMD,MDE, Dumangeng, Shylee S., DMD, MDE, Fernandez, Antonio Jr. V., DMD,MDE, Gathcalian, Esmeralda M., MD, Herrera, Jaquelyn E., DMD, Lappao, Cristina S., BS Bio., DMD, Macawaris, Mohammed Ali Louis D., DMD,MDE, Mascareñas, Irish Anthony G., DMD,MDE, Nievera, Belen W., DMD,MDE, Orduña, Baden V., DMD,MACT, Pangisban, Edgar Allan S., DMD, Ramolete, Victoria A. DMD,MSD, Saxton, Stephanie Charleine U., DMD,MDE, Tecson, Ruthgar B. DMD, MSD, Testado, Regiefel M., DMD,MDE, Utsig, Jamaica, A., DMD,MDE, Villareal, Jerico G., DMD,MSD, Ymana, Aileen S., AB English


Our team is dedicated in offering you a quality dental education. In your stay in the University, we will train you to become a reputable dental professional.  We will see to it that your educational journey in a fun learning environment will be filled with experiential moments of intellectual challenges, skills enhancement and personal transformation.

Clinical Dentistry

Dr. Antonio V. Fernandez Jr. (Chief of Clinics, Head of the Oral Surgery Department), Dr. Maria Lourdes E. Cantor (Head of the Restorative Department), Dr. Ruthgar B. Tecson (Head of the Prosthodontic Department, Ortho-Pedo Department), Dr. Joseph M. Acosta (Head of the Endo-Perio Department), Mr. Cresente S. Colorada (Dental Equipment Technician)


Academic Faculty

Dr. Crisanto Amansec, Dr. Nerissia Mitchel Chinhen, Dr. Esmeralda Gathalian (Medical Anatomical Sciences Subjects), Dr. Irish Anthony G. Mascareñas, Dr. Edgar Allan Pangisban, Dr. Jaquelyn E. Herrera (Dental Anatomical Sciences Subjects), Dr. Shylee S. Dumangeng, Dr. Jamaica A. Utsig (Microbiology and Oral Pathology Subjects), Dr. Esmeralda Gatchalian, Dr. Baden V. Orduna, Dr. Belen W. Nievera (Pharmacology & Anesthesiology Subjects), Dr. Maria Lourdes E. Cantor, Dr. Joseph M. Acosta, Dr. Joy Lane N. Cuntig (Restorative Dentistry & Community Dentistry Subjects), Dr. Ruthgar B. Tecson, Dr. Ian Steve C. Bandaay, Dr. Stephanie Charleine U. Saxton, Dr. Cristina S. Lappao (Prosthodontics & Dental Materials Subjects), Dr. Regiefel M. Testado, Atty. Timothy John D. Tabago (Jurisprudence, Ethics & Practice Management Subjects), Dr. Ruthgar B. Tecson, Dr. Jerico G. Villareal, Dr. Irish Anthony G. Mascareñas, Dr. Mohammad Ali Louis D. Macawaris ( Ortho-Pedo Subjects), Dr. Joy Lane N. Cuntig, Dr. Jamaica A. Utsig, Dr. Joseph M. Acosta, Dr. Belen W. Nievera (Endo-Perio Subjects), Dr. Antonio V. Fernandez Jr., Dr. Baden V. Orduna, Dr. Belen W. Nievera, Dr. Regiefel M. Testado, Dr. Jerico G. Villareal, Dr. Joseph M. Acosta (Oral Surgery, Oral Diagnosis & Roentgenology Subjects)

Admissions and Records Center

General Luna Road, Baguio City

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(074) 442-4915

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