UB Extension and Community Outreach Services (ECOS)

About the Office


 The Extension and Community Outreach Services – ECOS (originally known as Community Outreach and Extension Service office) was instituted in 1994 under the Presidency of Dr. Virgilio C. Bautista. Since then, the office had undergone several changes in terms of headship and services ranging from a simple adoption of barangays to a partnership with adopted schools and to possible linkages with other private and government institutions who envision development of sustainable communities through partnership and linkages in local, regional, national and international levels.


Generally, ECOS works in collaboration within the University’s different schools, departments and offices to carry out its programs and objectives.  Adopt-a-Barangay Project, and Adopt-a-School Program highlight the extension services of ECOS.    It is also currently shifting its paradigm to a more innovative and responsive outreach programs targeting the empowerment and development of its beneficiaries through information/education-promoting trainings and activities backed up by research. It banners the UB CARES (Community Advancement through Responsive Extension Services) Program to express UB’s awareness for its social responsibility.


ECOS commits itself to continue extending the services and resources of UB to the adopted barangays and other communities in need.  The office adheres to this social responsibility and is tasked to create and conduct programs and projects, and coordinate these activities to concerned parties to attain the goal of empowering the residents and families of the community geared towards individual and community development.


The Extension and Community Outreach Services office acts as the hub of all University and departmental extension and outreach activities. Whether organized by the University as a whole or by the schools or departments and student organizations, or an invitation to participate in humanitarian activity, ECOS is responsible in laying the plans, coordinating and set-up for the success of the events. Aside from planning, organizing and coordinating, the office also monitors and evaluates the activities including the performance of the organizers to ensure fulfilment of the objectives for the activities and the vision, mission and objectives of the University.

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