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The University of Baguio–National Service Training Program (UB-NSTP) is the University’s response to the challenges of implementing Republic Act 9163 which requires one-year service training program for both male and female students enrolled in any baccalaureate degree or at least two-year technical-vocational courses.


Adhering to the constitutional provision on the role of the youth in nation building, this program aims to train UB students to become proactive civic leaders, community volunteers or literacy tutors by providing learning opportunities for:

  1. Self-awareness and management through basic citizenship training;
  2. Basic knowledge and skills in disaster preparedness and management;
  3. Development and enhancement of ethics of service;
  4. Environment appreciation and preservation;
  5. Community organization, operation and activities; and
  6. Love of country through personal and communal service.


The University of Baguio educates individuals to be empowered professionals in a global community.  In support of this mission, UB-NSTP provides the opportunities for students to develop civic consciousness, defense preparedness, love of country, and the commitment to serve.



UB-NSTP aims to: 

  1. inculcate among students the knowledge, values and skills in nation building;
  2. instill a sense of patriotism and nationalism among the students;
  3. encourage the youth to be civic organizers and community volunteers; and
  4. involve the students in project geared towards the improvement of the society as well as the sustenance and protection of the environment.

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The University of Baguio’s National Service Training Program is a one-year formative process tailored primarily for male and female first year college students.  Its primary aim is to develop in each student:

  1. civic consciousness and defense preparedness;
  2. ethics of service;
  3. nationalism; and
  4. being a person-of-service-to-others:
    1. in the University and the City of Baguio
    2. in the area where they shall have their community immersions, and
    3. in the local community/Barangay they come from.

The very objective of this program is to produce service-oriented NSTP graduates who are committed for the general welfare of the community.

The University of Baguio treats every NSTP subject both as a regular academic requirement for graduation and an avenue for citizenship education, as manifested in the following:

National Service Training Program 1 (NSTPRO1) is assigned for classroom endeavors while the National Service Training Program 2 (NSTPRO2) is for community immersion.  The students’ “Indoctrination Phase” embodied in their lessons in NSTPRO1 is regularly offered during the first semester in preparation for their “Immersion Phase” in NSTPRO2 during the second semester.

As mandated by law, UB-NSTP graduates “shall be tapped by the state when extra-ordinary conditions call for it, such as during calamities and other barangay-municipal-provincial/regional-national needs.”

It is the primal hope of the University of Baguio that UBians will make a difference in the lives of their fellow citizens, especially the youth and the underprivileged, by rendering valuable service if not initiating and sustaining local programs, through the lessons they learned from the NSTP.

UB students shall undergo service training in one of its three program components, namely:

  1. Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS), the bulk of the program of UB-NSTP.
  2. Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC).
  3. Literacy Training Service (LTS).

These three components are especially designed to enhance students to render proactive service to the general welfare of the community and the country in general.

The NSTP Thrusts implemented by UB are as follows:

  1. Citizenship Training
  2. Drug Education
  3. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Awareness
  4. Environmental Protection
  5. National Security
  6. Self-Awareness and Values Development
  7. Leadership Training
  8. Community Needs Assessment
  9. Community Services
  10. Program Evaluation
One of University of Baguio’s NSTP objectives is to encourage the youth to be civic organizers and community volunteers, this is in line with the Volunteer Act of 2007. UB takes pride in the development among its students of values such as patriotism and nationalism and virtues that create the spirit of volunteerism in nation building. The NSTP motivates students to actively involve themselves in community development. Students, faculties, and non-teaching personnel’s passion to help others remains alive as they extend knowledge and skills to help the community through community service. The NSTP Office is grateful to the University administration for the support to the worthwhile NSTP endeavors in pursuit of quality service, a value we continue to uphold.

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