School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety



UB’s School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety (SCJPS) has emerged as one of the finest criminology institutions in the country, consistently registering remarkable passing rates over the years.


SCJPS has consistently produced – and continues to produce – topnotchers, ranking UB as one of the top-performing criminology schools in the country.


Its roster of topnotchers, which include the following, continue to grow long:


  •   Andree Camhol: 1st place
  •    Rhem Rick Corpuz:  2nd place
  •    Esperanza Aggalao:  2nd place
  •    Heinreich Alafriz:  2nd place
  •    Israel Neil Mani:  3rd place
  •    Jeronnie Fartingca:  3rd place
  •    Christopher Banglo:  3rd place
  •    Israel Neil Mani: 3rd place
  •    Byron Sapdoy:  4th place
  •    Ronald Dayagan:  4th place
  •    Clementina Tomeg:  5th place
  •    Melchor Tejada:  6th place
  •    Leah Moyao: 6th place
  •    Darwin Marcos:  7th place
  •    Fernando Padduyao: 7th place
  •    Bartolome Bakian: 7th place
  •    Jouie Donato: 7th place
  •    Elmer Gayao:  8th place
  •  Morrison Imingan:  10th place



Students get to choose from the following programs:




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